Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Colton came up with this title for me and I thought it pretty clever. Last night I found my thrill...and it's called my Favorite Summer Meal. I thought about taking a picture, because it seems that is the big bloggy thing to do when you blog about a meal, however I thought about it a little late...being as my plate was empty. :) It is always a good sign when you sit down to eat dinner with all 5 of us and it is quiet. This is what happened last night. Total silence!! I noticed it right away and looked around to see what the problem was and why I wasn't hearing all the complaints about the meal as usual. I was pleasantly surprised to find everyone chewing and shoveling and focused on their plates. I looked at chad, smiled, and dug in. Here was the menu and a meal that we will be enjoying on a weekly basis this summer:

Turkey Bacon and Light Mayo Sandwiches (I enjoyed 2 fat slices of tomato on mine!! no lettuce please.)

Peaches & Cream Corn on the Cobb

Tomato Slices w/ salt and pepper

Pink Lemonade

It hit the spot and everyone (including the kids) raved that it was the best meal ever and even said that I was the best "cooker" in the world. And everyone knows that's not true!!

Oh yeah...honorable mention goes to Aiden Annee-Grace, who ate 3 ears (is that how you spell that in the context of corn?) of corn. She was covered in butter from head to toe!! It was even in her hair. That... I should have taken a picture of.