Thursday, November 19, 2009

a few little dittys

there is little time for the ole' blog these days. holiday season at the elementary school is quite the affair. the sweet 4 year old sissy is having...shall we say..."adjustment issues." and the cutie pie little sissy is what my mom calls "colicky"...which sounds old school to me, however i think she is right. apparently i was colicky when i was a baby...which i would like to apologize to my probably still tired and frazzled parents at this point. and let's be honest...if i do get a little break, the last thing on my mind is blogging. she is actually laying under her little hanging animal toys right now and is not crying, so i thought i would give a little catch up.

colton: he came home from school the other day and said he knew the "F" word. i closed my eyes, held my breath and asked him what the "F" word was...hoping he would say "fart." no such luck. he does, in fact know the "F" word, due to one of the boys in his class saying it and another girl spelling it. it looks like 3rd grade is the end of innocence and we will need to be having some candid conversations that i am not entirely ready for shortly before he starts hearing it on the playground.

chase: had a teacher conference where his praises were sung, thankfully. i did have to explain to his teacher that his two take home reader book reports were done, and that we didn't send them back in his folder, not because he wasn't ready for the next ones...but that i wasn't. i still hate homework.

aiden: just to prove that i'm not lying about the "adjustment issues"...the other day, while i was feeding annslee, she came to me and told me that she was spitting up. needing a little attention maybe??

annslee: eating, pooping, fussing, sometimes sleeping if we are all jumping through the right hoops that day, growing (9 pounds now), looking super cute, and slowly learning that not being held can be ok sometimes.

chad and i: tired...but very blessed.