Friday, October 26, 2007

in celebration of...

...ME!!!!!! here is a list of what all i got for my birthday. and a big thank you to the people who are closest to me who took time out of their lives to celebrate with me and make me feel loved and cherished.

the new, blue ipod nano

distressed lucky jeans

james avery ring (sort of) :)

billabong t-shirt

2 starbucks gift cards

fossil gift card

chocolate brown hooded sweater

a cold front...which i had secretly wished for and God delivered :)

the infamous and traditional homemade t-shirt from my brother...which gets funnier every year

dave matthews concert tickets (already used and oh so apprictiated)

kelly clarkson concert tickets (to be used in november and oh so appreciated)

a space shuttle cake (b/c discovery launched oct. 23rd...just 1 day before my big day and i was quite excited about that...and the fact that 2 astronauts from our church went up and we sent the ukrainian flag up with them...which is floating around in space right this very minute!!!!)

new quilt and sheets for mine and chad's bed

a good book

a ride with good friends on the ferris wheel and pharoh's furry on the water, at the boardwalk on a cold, star-filled birthday night

the realization that even though my sweet husband; my love; was in ukraine...things were being done to further God's kindom in ukraine because of him and his ability to listen to and follow God and that life is not all about me on october 24th and that i have the greatest friends and family that will step in to take care of me.

many hugs and sloppy kisses and smiles and happy "birfday" wishes from 3 very sweet children

dinner at bj's with a free birthday pizzookie

and last, but certainly not least...many cards and well wishes from family and friends

WOW!!!! do i feel lucky and loved.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

i'm pretty sure i have my hands full with this one.

the other day, i was in the living room picking up the videos and dvd's that the kids like to take out of their appropriate cases and throw all over the floor, when i heard little footsteps coming down the stairs. the kids had been playing upstairs in the playroom for a while. i had been hearing different games going on from downstairs, such as zoo, toy story, superheros, kitchen, and the like. it doesn't take long for me to realize that it is aiden on her way down the stairs. i assumed she was tired of playing with "her boys" and needed some girl time. although that usually doesn't happen. she is dressed in a little sun top, with a matching bow in her hair and pink nail polish on her toes and a purse on her arm. she comes prancing into the living room, swinging her purse, looking just like i had always pictured a daughter of mine looking like. so sweet; so cute, with her little page-boy hair cut...the picture of feminine. there were some of her little dolls scattered on the floor, so i asked her if she wanted to put them in her purse to keep them safe. she did. so she took her purse, that was already full off her arm. she thought for a second, opened it, pulled out a g.i. joe accessory and, very nonchalantly said, "here mommy...hold my gun."

Friday, October 05, 2007

the rescue...

aiden and her new friend

aiden playing the role of mommy

the kittens today ( a few weeks old)

brother and sister: hansel and gretel

just plain sweetness

Here's how the story goes...

a couple of us at church have become involved with helping this family who has a farm ministry. They live in a small, run down trailer with 7 kids. next to their trailer, is their farm. the dad has this farm to help at risk kids. he has pigs, horses, and sheep and the children get to be a part of FFA at school. they come there and take care of their animal. i guess it helps keep them out of trouble. anyway, i got a call from the girl from church who has been helping this man at the farm a couple of weeks ago. she was somewhat stressed out because when she got to the farm, there was a dog that was in bad shape that they didn't want, and a stray cat that was pregnant. the cat was not even being fed. so, we went to assess the situation, to see what we could do to help these animals, and to feed them. the cat was a small tabby cat that was wild and was scared of us. we put a plate of food out and she gobbled the whole thing up...but if we would even look at her, she would run off. ginger said that she could set a trap and take her to the vet to have her spayed, but then, the babies would die. but if she had them out at the farm, they would most likely get eaten by some animal we didn't really know what to do with her. we decided to trap her; take her to the vet; have her checked out and bathed; and then keri would keep her until we could find a home for her. the vet said that she was, indeed pregnant and that they heard 3 heart beats. he thought she would have them about a week later. after her trip to the vet, ginger brought her to keri's apartment and got her a litter box, food, and bowls. she warmed up really quick and would just sit next to you and purr while you pet her. so, at about 11:30 that night, i get a call from keri that she was having the kittens. the kids were in bed, so i got to go see them being born. we thought she was done after 3, but a little while later...she had number 4. we were so excited. i think 4 is a good number. the kids were so excited when i told them the next morning that the kittens were born and i took aiden to see them that morning after i dropped the boys off at school. so, now...keri (the foster parent) is out of town and the cats are staying with us. (the foster, foster family) the kids are sooooo excited. we named her tabitha. just think...she was so hopeless that day. there she was...homeless, pregnant and going to have her babies that very night, starving...not knowing what she was going to do. basically...hopeless. and just when she thought that her life was at rock bottom...she was rescued. if God cares that much about a little, stray tabby cat...he must really care about me.

Monday, October 01, 2007

September 30, 2002 & 2007

A look back...
Colton holding Chase for the very first time

September 30, 2007: chase turns 5
we are singing happy birthday to chase

at the end of "happy birthday" says, "thank you. thank you very much!!!!!"