Thursday, November 30, 2006


The kids had some special things to say to their daddy on his birthday today. Here is how the question went, "What would you like to say to Daddy on his birthday?" Their answers are as follows...
Colton: "Happy Birthday. Tomorrow will be December! I wish that you would feel good and I wish that you would have a good time and I wish that you would feel very special. I love you. Love family."

Chase: "'s Thursday. Happy Birthday Chase. Give me a hug."

"Aiden...what are you doing?"

Aiden: "Just a second Mom. I am calling my Daddy to wish him a happy birthday."

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

ashes, ashes, they all fall DOWWNNN!

well, the past 4 weeks or so has been very enlightening for me. i have learned quite a bit about myself, my strengths, my weeknesses, and then those little aspects about yourself that you don't even want to admit are there. expectations and perfectionism gets me every time. it is always better to admit. only then can you make any changes...or should i say, only then does God have any room to make changes in you. even though there are always people who have it easier and better than us, and there are people who have it a lot harder than us...there are still times that we just don't handle life with grace and ease. the past month has been that way for me. i spent a lot of time and energy on things that don't really matter in the long cleaning, organizing, trying to make things perfect for company, typing up very detailed menus and such. do you think my kids care about any of that? NO. all they care about is that i am spending quality time with them. even the things that i had to do that was very much for them did not seem to be what they were craving from me...such as the 8-10 doctor's appointments, christmas shopping, cleaning their rooms, doing their laundry, bathing, feeding, making pilgrim hats for all the kids in colton's class, organizing the thanksgiving feast for colton's class, going to the school to have thanksgiving lunch with colton in the lunch room, etc. etc. etc. needless to say, i got a little overwhelmed. i needed to be getting the house ready and grocery shopping and getting all the christmas presents ready for chad's family to come in, yet wild horses couldn't keep me away from the yummy thanksgiving meal from the caffeteria at bauerschlag elementary school. there was a moment last week...friday to be exact...when i realized that all the balls that i had been attempting to juggle had just come crashing down on me and were bouncing all over my kitchen floor. i had agreed to make the pilgim hats for colton's class despite knowing that i did not have the time for it. (i am the room mom, and everyone knows that the room mom can't say no to things like pilgrim hat design.) anyways, they were to be delivered with colton on friday morning for the kids to do a pilgrim project and guess were i found them friday at 11:30 when i went to feed chase and aiden lunch? sitting on the bar in my kitchen...very definitely NOT at the school where they were supposed to have been. the kids were getting out for thanksgiving that day, and i quickly realized that there would be no way to make them work when they came back to school after the thankgiving holiday...i mean santa in a pilgrim hat just doesn't work. so, that was my moment. that was when the balls fell. that was when i realized that my brain capasity was full and that what was happening was that every new piece of information was kicking out something stored in there. i had received a new demand, and sending the hats had been kicked out. it was sort of freeing actually. with chase and aiden standing at my feet, waiting for their lunch, i just put my face in my hands and let the balls fall. i had taken on too much. it just wasn't gonna to happen. i took the hats at noon when i took chase to school and only 1 kid wore one at the feast. i had to hold my tongue when i walked in colton's class. i wanted to scream...EVERYONE IN HERE IS GOING TO WEAR A PILGRIM HAT AND LOVE IT!!!! but that's o.k. colton, along with everyone else wanted to be an indian. oh well. chad's family is getting here today, and guess what? the house is not decorated for christmas like it was supposed to be, food is not prepared yet, the kids are running wild, chad just got home from new york, the phone is ringing, i have to go to target, i am still in my pj's at 12:26...oh great, i just looked at the clock and realize lunch time has come and poor kids, and i am spending time blogging instead of all those needed things because i knew i needed a break. and i'm smiling...happy...and at peace because at least the balls are on the floor and not over my head anymore.

Thursday, November 16, 2006


DUE TO POPULAR DEMAND......A PICTURE OF POOR McQUEEN (as chase likes to call the accord).

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

hum-drum...for a second

well, a few minutes ago i came up to check e-mail, and do the limited "computer things" that i do every day and i thought to myself, "it is about time to post another blog and interestingly enough, i don't have much to say." it has mainly been the same ole, hum-drum stuff that i have been talking to friends about for the last month it seems...(aside: i want to write a children's book and so i am always in search of a good title. it just occured to me that "hum-drum" might work in a title someway.)...back to life...back to reality...who remembers that song? random. anyhow, kid's ear infections, trying to finish organizing the house, painting rooms, cleaning, laundry, trying to get ready for chad's whole family to get here for thanksgiving, etc. etc. etc. so, i thought i would just not write anything until i had something interesting to write about. well, something that i thought was interesting anyway. and then who should if hearing from a little angel perched on his shoulder saying, "pssst...hey....mindy needs something interesting to write her now..." the telephone rings while i sit at the computer pondering the un-eventfulness, and i hear chad on the other end. the first thing he says is, "i have bad news." now, the thought that entered my mind first, and i don't know why... except for it was the last conversation that we had...was that he did not have the receipt for the vacuum cleaner that i wanted to return to target today. but no. very quickly he interupted that thought with the following words. "a tree fell on the car." i don't know the details other than he was at lunch, and several people...3 to be exact...called him to tell him the news. my maroon honda accord that i got for my highschool graduation from my parents was parked in the church parking lot, surrounded by huge oak (i think) trees. we are having an extremely windy day...although beautiful and a whole tree fell on top of the car. windows smashed and all. a little worse than a missing receipt, but not as bad as it could have been. i am very thiankful that no one was in the car. i am very thankful that it was not the van...the only way i have to get the kids around. i am very thankful that no one is hurt. i am very thankful that it was chad's voice on the phone instead of someone else calling to tell me of something happening to chad. does anyone know if we will get a new car out of this deal? one can only hope.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Ode To Colton Lloy

colton - kindergarten; age 5 1/2
in celebration of colton's 1st official school picture, i thought i would let him be the star of the blog today.
First Live Performance and a Standing Ovation (from mom)
colton had his official first live performance not long ago. i mentioned that he and i are taking guitar lessons on saturdays, and i guess he had learned enough to feel pretty secure in his ability. this past saturday morning, we were practicing before breakfast. he was supposed to have learned twinkle twinkle little star for that week, but his reading of the notes had progressed farther than we anticipated and he learned happy birthday as well. he played both twinkle twinkle and happy birthday all the way through for me without missing a note. now, granted, he took it very slow...looking at the sheet music very carefully before he strummed each note...but hit the right notes none-the-less. after he finished and i went wild with applause, it hit him that we were going to a birthday party that afternoon before his lesson. he said that he wanted to play happy birthday for his friend at the party. i said o.k. as long as it was alright with his mom and he was sure it would be. now, i was a little unsure if he was ready for this because he has always been very shy when it comes to ANYONE looking at him...never wanting to be on "stage" for any reason. however, if he was ready...i didn't want to stop him. so, long story short...after many of the guests at the party had left, and colton asking me several times if it was time to get his guitar out of the car, i timidly asked the mom if it was o.k. she was very gracious and said of course. so, we went to get the guitar and pulled a lawn chair up for colton to sit in. (the party was outside). colton got out his purple pick and everyone gathered around. well, you can imagine what happened next. it got quiet. that was enough to bring on the stage fright. i pointed to the notes, and he started to play. he got the first 3 notes correct, but then missed the 4th one...then proceeded to lose his place because he wanted to start over again and i kept going (to which he blamed me for the whole catastrophy). he kept playing...trying to get back on track for a couple of seconds...which seemed like hours for the two of us. finally, the nerves and silence got the best of him and he smiled humbly, shrugged and said, "that's all." everyone clapped and cheered and said that it was great, but he knew the truth...that what he had played perfectly just 2 hours prior, he failed to do when he thought it really mattered. he held it together while saying our good-byes, but as we walked down the driveway toward our van, with guitar in hand, he looked at the ground and said, "i messed up. i lost my place. i didn't even get to finish." we had one of our long, encouragement talks on the way to the lesson where i told him all the "mommy things" like...i was more proud of him for trying, and it was the first time and it is so normal to get nervous...and the story about the first time i sang silent night in church by myself and i got so nervous that my voice trembled and i looked down the whole time. (that did make him laugh and feel better). i have to say...even if he got stage fright, i give him a standing ovation for just getting on the stage. as soon as we got to the lesson, i whispered to the instructor, "have him play happy birthday first." sometimes we all need a little help getting back on the horse. i bet you can guess how he did...yep...didn't miss a note.
here or some of colton's funnies from over the years
mommy: "i can make free-throws."
colton: "i can make 5 throws." while holding up 5 fingers (age 2)
colton saw a cute little girl on tv who was an expert in history facts...after watching her he said, "i'm impressed about that girl." (age 3)
if colton wanted us to watch him, he would say, "all the people look at me." (age 3)
after his cousin sneezed colton said, "bless you my child." (age 3)
we were leaving iowa, and we were telling colton to give hugs and kisses bye and he said, "don't rush me." (age 3)
we were visiting iowa, and colton had trouble going to the bathroom. i gave him a child's laxative that gave him gas. he came to me and said, "a storm came out of my butt." (age 3)
colton was bothering chase and chad kept telling him to stop. chad finally took him upstairs and asked him why he didn't listen to daddy. colton said, "it just didn't make sense." (age 3)
i told colton to eat his carrots, to which he replied, "no, and you're making me crazy." (age 3)
chase had a pencil and a part to the computer. i told colton to get them from him. he was chasing him around the room trying to get them from him and finally he said, "chase, chase...please...cooperate!" (age 3)
chad flew home from atlanta and hugged colton. colton sniffed him and said, "dad, you smell like a goat." (age 3)
i asked colton one day, "when are you going to start listening?" he said, "Next Thursday." (age 3)
colton bit his tongue and it was bleeding everywhere. the next day i was trying to figure out whether i should take him to the dentist. i asked him if it hurt. he said, "yes". i asked him, "when does it hurt?" he said, "on tuesdays and thursdays." (age 3)
colton was playing catch with his grandpa rod. he caught the ball a few times and said, "i'm good." then he caught the ball a fiew more times and said, "i'm fantastic." (age 4)
i heard colton and chase bickering in the other room. colton ran in and said, "chase just hit me in the brain." (age 4)
i was in much need of a break and at dinner that night, chad said that i could go take a hot bath and that he would get the kids ready for bed. next, chad said to colton, "could you bathe chase and aiden and then feed aiden?" colton's eyes got really big and he said, "WHAT...i'm not even a mom...i don't even have milk in myself...i don't have those milk know those little bottles that sneak out." (age 5)
well, that concludes my ode to colton. thanks for taking interest in our lives. i can't believe he is getting so grown up. it seems like just yesterday that he was a tiny baby. he has a cough and i had to give him cough medicine late last night. i rocked him back to sleep...which i don't get to do that often. he is almost too big to fit in my lap. i loved every minute of it and that experience is what inspired this blog post. we are so proud of him. just this week, he won a character/citizenship award at school. we go tonight for him to receive his honor. all i know, is i'm the one that feels honored...honored to be his mom.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Beautiful Day...and it is

well, so many little time. here is one for today. i've decided there are music people and non-music people. i am definitely a music person and chad really is not. not that chad does not ever listen to or appreciate music at all, he just doesn't really seek it out or use it to alter his mood. for example, after i get out of the van, the next person who enters will hear whatever cd strikes my fancy that day blaring as a reminder of my last venture. after chad has driven the van, i always have to change it from the am sports channel when i get back in. that's what i person...non music person. now that we have that settled; my children take after their mom and love...i repeat...LOVE music. i must admit, i am proud of their taste as well. currently, both colton and chase request u2's beautiful day and elevation the minute we get in the car. and of course, i happily meet their request to "turn it up mommy". aiden usually dances and claps to whatever is on but seems to already have an appreciation for the magic that is u2. colton knows every word of elevation which may or may not be a catalyst for some of you questioning why my kids are singing to u2 instead of veggie tales or cedermont kids...but, it is what it is. while elevation is ringing through my blue minivan...which certainly does not scream u2 from the outside like it does from the inside, the boys can be seen jamming out, hands in the air, head keeping rhythm, and singing every word. aiden watches and claps her hands over her head, not to be left out of the experience. most of you know that colton has been musical from the womb, and hears instruments in a song that others don't even know exsist...such as a mandolin, etc. etc. so, the other day, while listening to none other than elevation, i explained the bridge in the song to colton. the next time we listened to the, not to let one get passed him...said, "let's go over the bridge mommy!" i said "o.k. it comes!" colton's response was, "Go Bono!" with rocker fist in the air. at dinner last night, chase...who has seemed to always have a heart for prayer and will melt you with some of his very honest and insightful words to God...prays, "God...thank you for beautiful day and elevation." i smile now and ponder the words quietly to myself...beautiful day...and it is.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

"it's broken mommy...need cast"

extra, extra, read all about it...some of you are asking how chase is after the long, drawn out, middle of the night ramblings of 2 or 3 nights ago. i can't remember and don't have the energy to go back and check. but, after being at the doctor's office twice in 2 days, we now know that he has bronchiloitis...otherwise known as the dreaded RSV. those of you that are moms, and probably some of you that are not but are medically aware, know exactly what that is. it is a horrible respiratory virus that attacks and causes inflammation of the bronchiloes (the tiny tubes that connect the bronchials to the lungs). this virus is especially dangerous for tiny babies and young kids with asthma. after the night that i posted (an attempt to stay awake to monitor chase's breathing), his cough and asthma got worse quickly. he was not able to go more than an hour or so without experiencing some respiratory distress (nostrils flaring, intercostal spaces between ribs sinking in with every breath, grunting with every breath). i was on the phone several times with the after-hours nurse line in an attempt to avoid the er. this was especially bad the night before last. at the doctor on monday, they said that he could go trick or treating if he was not coughing and responding to the breathing treatment...which he was halloween afternoon. so we let him wear his batman costume and go to a couple of houses and he was totally fine. however, when we got back inside, he started having trouble again. that night i was up all night with him. he was getting breathing treatments every 2 hours (the maximum amount he could get) and at 12:00am, it did not work anymore. i was getting ready to take him to the er, and then he got better for a while. then it got bad again, followed by a breathing treatment, followed by it not working and me getting ready to take him again. i finally realized that he could sleep and breath better if he sat in my lap, leaned back in the recliner in the living room. so we did this from 3:00am on. i could not sleep anyway. i did not want to take my eyes off of him. we went on like this until i could get him to the office the next morning. needless to say, i watched everything i had recorded on the dvr that night. luckily, they figured out what the virus was that was causing it and know that it is a very difficult virus to treat...that is why it was not responding to treatment. but, now he has turned the corner. he is able to go 4-6 hours between treatments now, occationally only 3, and is feeling much better. chad did all the breathing treaments last night, because let's face it...i was 1 night of no sleep shy of completely dropping my basket. i am somewhat worried about aiden getting it too because our house is one, giant germ at this point. but, if i let myself go there, you will all be contacting me at the local loony-bin. cute thing about chase though...ever since he broke his arm, he says that anything that is wrong is "broken". when his nose is runny, he comes to me and says, "nose broken mommy." if he gets a scrape on his arm..."it's broken mommy...need cast." and this week, his chest is definately "broken and needs cast."