Tuesday, September 29, 2009

for the faithful readers, prayers, and "good deal" leather bag lovers

i must be up and around more...as the blogs have slowed down. sorry faithful readers, (if i have any.) bed rest officially ended at my doctor's appointment last thursday. she said...and i quote..."you can do whatever you feel like doing." well...alright then. does that mean whatever my brain feels like doing (going shopping and taking a much needed jog to get the muscles in my legs to wake from their 10 week hibernation slumber) or what my body feels like doing (which is more lounging on the couch)? as we approach this week's appointment, i find myself hoping for a "dilated to 3" status. i was a full 1 last week, so i figure with all the work i've done, (and by "work" i mean walking at a snail's pace at target, followed by soaking in a hot tub, followed by getting my swollen feet rubbed by my, oh so patient and understanding hub) that is not too much to ask. let's face it. at this point, i just want to know that almost 1/3 of the work is already done.

on "a boy who loves star wars" note, chase's birthday party is this weekend. he has been saying for months that he wants a darth vadar cake...which normally would be an acceptable challenge for me. however, in my delicate...and increasingly uncomfortable condition...i'm not sure a 3-D version is in the cards. after researching online and realizing that to make this concoction i would be on my feet for like 3 days straight, leaning over the kitchen counter, up to my swollen hair follicles in black icing...i came up with a plan. and it's called the "have chad pick up an inexpensive darth vadar mask to slap on top of a sheet cake" plan. i tell myself that this is okay, due to the "condition" i am currently in and that chase will think it is the coolest that he will get to wear his cake and eat it too. if you are the praying kind...please (at this moment because i know if not now, you will forget) pray for no rain so that i don't end up with his entire 1st grade class in my house and that the jedi training course that chad has planned can actually take place outside where it belongs. somehow, the light saber training and destroy the death star game won't have the same "affect" in my living room.

and an update on the "wish" post from last time...i got a bag for annslee's lovelies that i think is pretty lovely and it was only $16 dollars. which is a good thing, considering we got down the infant carrier to clean up this weekend and the button the you push to adjust the straps to fit the baby is totally broken. the plus? a stylish, new and improved, very girly car seat for the baby sister. graco...how much of my money do you have? and are you a part of some conspiracy that i should be aware of?

Friday, September 18, 2009


is this bag not the most delicious bag you have ever seen? i came across it through a random blog that had a link to another random blog that had them featured. it just so happens that i have been in the market for a new diaper bag for annslee...okay. actually for me. (but it would be holding all of her loveliness.)...over the last several days. i have looked at places such as tj max, ross, and target. i have focused on these places because they happen to be the only places i was in and seemed to follow our budget. however...i found nothing. until now. unfortunately this little piece of perfection, although would make the perfect diaper bag, does not meet the price criteria...at roughly $250. annslee's lovelies will have to find another place to be toted.

Friday, September 11, 2009

33 weeks

as long as everything goes according to plan, (aka: the test that predicts labor comes back negative), the doctor says that bed rest will be officially over in 1 week. to think, 8 weeks back, i thought the day would never come. she is actually letting me get up 1 week earlier than what she originally said, and i'm not sure why...but i'm not questioning her!!

we have all been instructed to get flu immunizations this year. aiden and i got the raw end of that stick because we were the only two that had to get the injection instead of the nasal mist. she couldn't because she had received her 4 year immunizations only weeks prior to getting it and i couldn't because i'm pregnant. oh well...it's over and i'm glad it's done. i went to walgreens today to get mine and there was a plus side to this little excursion...and they are called PUMPKIN CANDY CORNS! that's right. they had just put them out on their seasonal isle and i treated myself to 2 bags. i was chomping on one when the pharmacist came out to give me my shot. she said, "whatever gets you through." 1/2 a bag later, i have a bit of a tummy ache. although to my defense, chad ate 2 and aiden ate 2. so i only ate 1/2 a bag minus 4. and i like to tell myself that they probably ate more than that and i just don't know it. i'm gonna have to slow up on the pumpkin candy corns. although...not today. it's the first bag of season, and i'm supposed to be gaining weight anyway...therefore, it doesn't count.

(disclaimer: this post contains a fair amount of rationalization.)

Sunday, September 06, 2009

chairs, lunchboxes and trains

i am sitting in my chair...(and i do think it has become MY chair, with all the sitting i've done in it over the last 6-7 weeks)...and the kids are all chomping on their pretzel snacks while we wait, patiently, for chad to get home. i am passing the time by looking online for creative lunchbox ideas because...let's face it...after 2 weeks of school, they are already tired of the same, boring sandwich, snack, fruit, and juice box filled lunchboxes. i am also listening to them show each other, excitedly what shape or number they just made with their pretzel. nothing too exciting. then aiden gets a confused look on her face and puts her hand on her throat and says, very seriously, with furrowed eyebrows..."my throat feels like i ate a train. only i haven't ate a train."

we all just kind of pause and look at her. nobody says anything...we just kind of look at her while she looks at us...because how do you really respond to a statement like that?