Monday, December 22, 2008


too busy during day
too busy at night
too busy making meals
and breaking up fights

too busy to answer
too busy to think
too busy cleaning kitchens
and the bathroom sinks

too busy to go
too busy to come
don't i deserve
a nice drink with some rum

why i'm so busy
i'm not quite sure
is there a pill?
is there a cure?

people to help
people to please
on the surface i do it
with nothing but ease

do i need to say yes?
do i need to say no?
when i wonder what they're thinking
why can't i say................."so?"

too busy to sit
for the love of pete
i KNOW i'm too skinny

no matter what
and try as i might
i'm way too busy
even to write

too busy to chat
too busy to ring
too busy to do
extracurricular anything

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Anniversary, Thanksgiving, Birthday and other fun stuff...

so my life is officially out of control. well...i guess it is more like managed chaos. i find it harder and harder to blog these days...something that i love to do and used to not have any trouble keeping up with. i have time to check facebook and that's about it. even regular e-mail is a struggle lately. but...i press on.

our anniversary was on thanksgiving this year, which was fun. we stayed at my parents house for the holiday and they watched the kids for chad and i to go out to eat and to go get our annual anniversary ornament. we got a "hope" ornament this year. that morning, chad left early to go play football in the 1st annual turkey bowl with guys from the church. so when i came down to the kitchen, my dad was making coffee and the kid's pancakes. he said, "your husband said to serve you a cup of coffee this morning and to say happy anniversary." i thought...well that was sweet of him. so my dad handed me the coffee and it was in a starbucks cozemel mug. chad had bought it for me during his latest travels to cuba and it is where we went on our honeymoon. i thought it was very sweet.

then, for chad's birthday, his mom, dad and i got together and got him the thomas kinkade print of fenway park. it came from the official redsox shop right across from fenway park in boston and is matted and framed with the major league baseball symbol and redsox symbol on the mat under the print. he was soooooo surprised and loved it. i can't believe i actually pulled that off.

today, i am off to take aiden to pre-school and then to the craft store to buy all the stuff for polar express day at the school and the "holiday" party. (they won't say Christmas...which i think is really dumb). then, i have to go to the school to finish tranforming chase's teacher's door into a 3-d gingerbread house. (oh...they will win the door decorating contest...if i have to dress up like a gingerbread boy myself and stand there passing out candy to the judges...) there is so much that i have to do for his class that we will be lucky to have presents under the tree. oh well...every time i walk in to his classroom, chase is so excited that he jumps out of his seat and tells everyone who will listen, "THIS IS MY MOM!!!!" and...he loves walking into the gingerbread house door to get into his classroom. i guess it's worth it!!