Wednesday, August 22, 2007


o.k. so who's excited about fall television starting up again? i'll tell you who. ME!!!!!!!! i have seriously been going through withdrawal, i think. i miss grey's anatomy; the bachelor (don't start with me...); LOST; what about brian; and don't even get me started about how excited i am about the grey's anatomy spin-off, private practice, that is going to be starting this fall. i am also looking forward to the start of survivor...but i didn't really watch the last season. so we will see if i am able to get into this one. oh...and chad and i do enjoy watching house together. so...i have barely watched any t.v. this summer and it will be a shock to our dvr come september. i'll have to dust her off and put her back in business. too many shows...too little time. we shall see.

on another note...colton starts 1st grade on monday. we get to go meet his teacher this friday. we won't find out who he has or who is in his class until then. he seems to be excited about his return to school and i am not nearly as big a basket case as i was this time last year...him starting kindergarten and all. we don't need to discuss how close i came to having an emotional breakdown at "meet the teacher" last year. nor do we need to re-hash how many tears were shed prior to dropping him off that first day of school. aaannnnddd...we won't even begin to re-visit the number of pictures that were taken. i can probably chronicle that "right of passage" walk from the parking lot to the class room with one of those, flip the pictures real fast and make a movie thing. not this year. i'm low key. layed-back. doing swell. not having a bit of trouble with my first born already being in 1st grade. not picturing his wedding day when he is going to leave me for some girl and never even call or write and spend all his thanksgivings and christmases with her family because he's forgotten all about me. and i'm definitely not thinking about this being chase's last year at home with me because he is going to make that "right of passage" walk into kindergarten this time next year. no siree. i'm great. not a problem what so ever. who's excited? i know i am.

well (sniffle and wipe a tear)...i think i'm going to go talk to chad about how great i'm doing. later.


Shannon said...

Silas made the auspicious walk into 1st grade yesterday...and I am still in recovery. I talked to Miska about Wyatt starting kindergarten and was practically crying talking to her. (It went okay with Wyatt...Seth broke down in the hallway after they dropped him sweet.)
Anyway, Silas seems to be fine...except still struggling with insomnia. But that is no different than this whole summer! Peace to you as you prepare for Monday!

Anonymous said...

Ok, I thought I was doing good with my 1st girl going to kindergarten but it seems that I have this continous lump in my throat that want go away. I find comfort to hear that this will be a yearly lump to conquer! :)
I loved the blog. My hope for us both is that Colton will fall in love with Addie and he really wont leave you for Her family because HEY they live in the same town and both parents are good friends.
OK, i am starting to like this whole idea of an arranged marriage. :)
Anyway, and this meeting the teacher has my stomach in butterflies. I keep telling myself its just kindergarten, but it doesn't help.
Good luck on Monday, i'll be thinking of you.