Thursday, September 27, 2007

don't hate me...

i'm convinced it's not a phase. it's been going on for too long now. this is not good.

a while back, aiden started saying something...well......sketchy, to say the least. she will look at me, with a very worried look in her eyes, and put her hands behind if to cover her sweet little hiney, and say, "don't hit me."

now, this is coming from a child who has probably been spanked twice in her whole sweet little life. (and not recently, either) i have no idea where she got this. but, she says it ALL the time. anytime i tell her to do anything; whether it be "come here", or "go get your shoes on", or "let's get in the car", ...she replies with, "o.k. mamma. don't hit me." we can be at home, in public, at my parent's house. anywhere and everywhere. it's embarrassing, really. and a bit sad. what makes matters worse, is that sometimes, with her sweet little two year old voice, it sounds like, "don't hate me." i haven't had anyone call CPS on me yet...but i am awaiting a knock on the door from the local police department. stay by your phones. if you get a call from me in the'll know why!!

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