Thursday, December 20, 2007

A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes...

alright. i didn't tell this story to many people...due to the fact that i didn't want to look like an idiot.'s safe to tell! some of you may not be interested in this at all, but those of you who know me well and know my life-long dream of being "discovered" may appreciate this.

it's kind of a long i'll be brief and leave out the details. (so out of character for me. :)

before leaving for new york, i joked many times about getting discovered while i was there. childhood dreams die hard, right? one night when chad and i were there, we happened upon the reveal of the macy's christmas window display. now, i had no idea what a big deal this was. i had heard of the window display but didn't know how "famous" they were. we went to macy's around 4:00 and the big program thing where they reveal the windows was to start at 5:30. they were having one of the main actresses from dream girls singing and the little girl who plays jane banks in mary poppins on broadway was acting in the little skit. willard scott was reading twas the night before christmas and santa claus himself even showed up. they interviewed the guy who created the window displays, who turns out to be a pretty big deal in new york, i guess. they blocked off broadway and the crowd thickened quickly. chad and i sat in the bleachers that were set up across the street enjoying the cold night air and caramel apple ciders. we thought we had lucked out and had one of the best seats there. they led the whole crowd in christmas carols...which excited me because i was actually getting to sing on broadway!! chad took a picture to prove it. well...skip to the end, where chad and i are trying to make our way through the crowd with snow-like confetti falling all around and lots and lots of twinkly lights. i had seen a lot of cameras and assumed it was the news stations getting shots for the late news, when all of a sudden, a felt someone tap my shoulder. i turned around to see a camera man next to a guy with a big long fuzzy microphone on a long pole. he said, "you've been requested." then...the next minute was a blur. they pushed me into the artist who designed the window displays and said, just talk to him about the displays." so i did. i had to then fill out a waver to give them permission to use the footage if they needed it and said it was for the holiday window display special on HGtv. i figured there was no way that i would get on national tv, but thought it was pretty cool anyway. chad and i tuned in to the special the other night, and with about 3 minutes left in the 1 hour special...there i am. smack dab on the t.v. screen. we couldn't believe it. my mouth dropped open and chad literally jumped off the couch and did a little victory dance. it was quite cute. my parents had it on and my mom was so proud. afterall, it is her favorite t.v. station on earth. it airs again on sunday, the 23rd at 4:00 and on christmas day at 10:00am. who would have thought...

...turns out i actually got discovered. even if it was by HGtv. :) have you ever thought about the little things God makes happen? the things that are just especially to make you smile?



I assume you will be needing a bodyguard for you and your entourage now… and you know I am returning july-ish. I can see me know… “Step aside folks, nothing to see here, go about your business, and do not make me abuse my powers”… as I escort you down the red carpet. With of course, “and iiiiii will always love youuuu”… will be faintly playing in the background.

Its about time! I thought it would never happen for us...YOU, I mean you.


meredith said...

'dreams DO come true'~cinderella.

i can't imagine the feeling of seeing yourself on national tv. you need to get the clip on your blog.

wow, i now can say "i have a famous friend"!

Anonymous said...

Kelly Clarkson, who's that???????

Mindy Clarkson, yea, she's the one we all love and adore. That little girl who wanted to be Punky Bruster.
Guess who?

Anonymous said...

What happened to Chad? They didn't want him for the interview. Is he sad he didn't get discovered too? I hope you are at least singing him "Wind Beneath My Wings".

Amanda said...

That is wonderful! I am going to try and catch the 1000am Christmas morning repeat! Merry Christmas!