Thursday, May 22, 2008

Happiness Is...

My Starbucks Mug Collection
so far...
1. austin
2. new york
3. houston
4. colorado
5. atlanta
6. chicago
7. seattle
8. alaska
9. new york (holiday 2007 from mine and chad's anniversary trip to new york)
10. athens
11. vienna


Kara said...

I like your collection. I think my favorite are Colorado and Alaska. I like the mountains! :) The New York holiday mug is colorful and pretty, so its a favorite too.
Hey, when did you or Chad go to Athens?

mindy clarkson said...

i wish!! my brother traveled to greece last summer and picked it up for me. my family knows i collect them, so they always try to help out!! i don't feel the need to have them from everywhere...just the places that are meaningful to me for some reason. like alaska...i have that one because my brother lives there. he sent it for my birthday a few years ago.

your brother said...

you got that straight!