Tuesday, June 10, 2008

i feel like a kid again

this last weekend and its happenings have made me feel like a kid again. and i must admit... aside from a few sore muscles...it feels great!!

it all started with a purchase of 3 concert tickets to a concert featuring a little band i like to call the "very first loves of my life." that's right. NKOTB!! that's New Kids On The Block for all you losers who didn't know. :) the concert is in october and it will be my 5th New Kids concert. there. i said it. i was a crazy, jumpy, hyper, obsessed, wait in line all night to buy the best tickets i can fan. this time i didn't stand in a line all night to buy the seats. i'm a little more "normal" now. that...and with computers...you don't have to. :) i asked chad to get me backstage passes for my birthday so that i can finally meet joe face to face and declare my, like, bizzillion year love for him, but i don't see it happening. none the less...i feel like i'm 14 again. not to be compared to the much more mature 14 year olds of today. keep in mind that 14 now is the new 21.

then...as if that wasn't enough...on sunday, we got to go wakeboarding. now...i LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to wakeboard. we had a boat when i was growing up and we used to ski all the time. then, in graduate school, i learned how to wakeboard and i've never gone back. but...i have not done it in about 10 years. i never lost my love for it though. it just makes it a little difficult when a.) you are either pregnant or nursing for, like 7 years; and b.) you don't have a boat. or a wakeboard for that matter. so...this last birthday, i actually asked for a wakeboard. i didn't get one, due to the fact that the only way i would be able to use it would be to set up the blow-up baby pool in the back yard, strap it to my feet, and have chad and the kids spray the garden hose in my face and dream that i'm on a lake behind a boat. well...as fate would have it, chad and i started a new small group about a month ago and there is a fun, young couple who, not only has a ski boat, but a wakeboard as well. so, there you go. i was so scared that i would not even be able to get up, but i guess it's in my blood, because i popped right up and even managed to go in and out of the wake a little. wooooohooooo!!

i'm just a little sore.

actually, i can't move my arms...but totally worth it.

then, today, i booked my flight for a girls weekend with all my friends in south carolina. i have not been away on vacation for anything like this...well...ever. so...i think i'm due. i leave in a week and a day and get to see my clemson friends that i have not seen in almost 5 years. luckily...i'm great at long-distance relationships. :)

like i said...i feel like a kid again!


meredith said...

sooooo soooooo jealous! i cannot wait to hear what crazy "you can't believe it" story that will come from that concert...like they choose me to be their new spokesmodel type of thing.

Anonymous said...

All you need now is for your mom to drive a car full of women around Houston to find what hotel they are staying at....hum...I bet I could find that one out for ya :)

sarah wyatt

Anonymous said...

Sarah, let me know when you have found out where they'll be and I will have the car "gassed up" and ready to go. Maybe we will take Mindy's suburban. It holds more people. Are you ready to go?

mindy clarkson said...

SWEET!! it's good to have friends in high places. i'm not ashamed to hide behind a plant in the lobby waiting until just the right moment to jump on joe. i'll just preface my "declaring my love" speech with an opener like..."now, i'm not like those other crazy fans..."

Kara said...

Wait a minute...we are kids! Just kids with kids. :) You are the woman- I just want to know, did you lose any part of your swimsuit and give a sneak peek to the crowd???
Boondoggles date when you get back from your trip. Have fun.