Tuesday, September 16, 2008

"The Boardwalk is Broken" said Chase today.

the parking lot as you drive into the boardwalk

the contents of a child's room (in the boardwalk parking lot)

boardwalk parking lot

a restaurant on the water

what is left of aiden's favorite ride...the carousel

what is left of our family's favorite, traditional ride...the century ferris wheel

one of the horses from the carousel

the Landry's sign

what is left of Starbucks on the boardwalk

the bbq pit...somehow floated or blew into the parking lot

all the boats washed onto nasa rd 1

random sailboat

boats from who knows where


the mcdonald's by NASA...the astronaut still stands!
i am abundantly grateful that our home, my parent's home, and my grandmother's home was spared with the exception of a tree and some fences down. a small child prayed the night of the hurricane that "God would send sparkly angels down to surround our house and protect it." that little boy's prayer was honored. despite the devastation and magnitude of the storm...the sparkly angels came. our house was spared. in the place of my birth and our home town, however, houses and businesses were destroyed in a way that i have never seen personally. when i left the safety and miracle of my home today to travel to one of our family's favorite places to go, i was overcome with emotions of sadness and despair. the kemah boardwalk is a tourist attraction for many...but for us it was a traditional family outing. our kids have grown up going there and take for granted that it was a mere 10 minutes from our house. for us...it was as common as mcdonalds. sometimes we would do it up right...eating...riding all the rides...and topping it off with ice cream or coffee. or sometimes, i would take the kids there during the week to stroll around...eat a picnic and play at the playground. sometimes, we would sit and watch the live music on summer nights, and sometimes we would be entertained by "boo on the boardwalk" during the month of october. we would always feel the magic of the sounds and lights of the rides...and would take friends and family there when they would come for a visit...becoming the favorite place for all the kids and adults as well. no one is allowed into the boardwalk now. the carnival music can't be heard. the lights are out. as we were driving through the area that once elicited screams of excitement from the kids and a childlike joy from their chaperones, chase...who was sadly looking out the window said, "mommy...the boardwalk is broken."


Crystal said...

It breaks my heart.

Anonymous said...

My Monday morning laundry has turned into Mom's Monday morning musings. I have no more mounds of laundry to wash. Having been through hurricanes and young boys, aka "hurricanes," I have more than a few opinions on all the above. Hold them close; hold them tight when you got them wherever you got them, release when "the" Wind blows, knowing that they've been anchored firmly during the storms. East Coast Auntie

Kathy said...

aw, so sorry for all the devastation and for your sadness. And also so glad to hear you were all safe and your home is ok.

the millers said...

So happy you are all okay. We've been praying for you guys! Can't believe the pics.... crazy!

-amber & the boys

lindsey said...

did you get my text? i saw pictures of the boardwalk on the news, and i was so sad. i remember going there with you guys when i came to visit the first time, and it felt very surreal to see that place devastated on tv. i can't imagine how it felt for you.

call me if you need anything. love you.