Monday, December 22, 2008


too busy during day
too busy at night
too busy making meals
and breaking up fights

too busy to answer
too busy to think
too busy cleaning kitchens
and the bathroom sinks

too busy to go
too busy to come
don't i deserve
a nice drink with some rum

why i'm so busy
i'm not quite sure
is there a pill?
is there a cure?

people to help
people to please
on the surface i do it
with nothing but ease

do i need to say yes?
do i need to say no?
when i wonder what they're thinking
why can't i say................."so?"

too busy to sit
for the love of pete
i KNOW i'm too skinny

no matter what
and try as i might
i'm way too busy
even to write

too busy to chat
too busy to ring
too busy to do
extracurricular anything


Amanda said...

AMEN!!! I am exhausted, trying to stay awake and finish the grocery list so I can go to the store at the crack of dawn before it is too crowded. I love Christmas, but I am ready for it to get here so I can rest! :) MISS YOU!

Anonymous said...

love this poem, mindy.