Thursday, January 29, 2009


houston...we have a problem. i'm unsure of exactly what the problem is, but i am not the happiest of campers presently. now, i used to be a pretty upbeat person. positive. smiley. happy-go-lucky. all in all, pretty pleasant to be around (if i do say so myself). however lately, things that i used to let roll right of my skinny little shoulders are evoking this "ahhhhh you di-ant...wag my finger in your face" kind of response. i have absolutely no problem and even enjoy a little bit being the big "B" word. i have no patience or tolerance for any shenanigans. what to do? what to do? i can bathe myself in the WORD, spending my time letting God's very breath turn my frown upside down; i could take every negative thought captive...whatever that means; i could take up yoga and meditation, which seems to be the answer for all the hollywood happys; i could turn out the lights and hide under my covers, which does sound tempting; i could call a friend and gripe; i could suck it up and just keep swimming, which worked for dori and nemo; i could worry that i am now comparing myself to 2 cartoon fish. get my drift. i guess what i will do is write down my irritations, and then hopefully be able to let them go.

1. after the second cup of coffee...i may...MAY be ready to go to the grocery store. i absolutely HATE going to the grocery store. and, i have no idea why i hate it so much. in my perfect world, we would not have to eat to live. it's just a big pain in the butt. shopping for the food; finding room on the shelves to store the food; preparing the food; acting like circus clowns to try and persuade the kids to eat the food; cleaning up the food; realizing that people die of starvation because they can't even afford food, while we have 87 thousand cereal choices...all just seeming very...well...irritating.

2. i wish people would not make comments that are neither helpful or redeeming and then hide behind "just kidding". if you think it...and feel the need to say it...then at least stand behind it.

3. i wish that the people signing off on partial birth abortions being legalized would actually sit in a room and watch one being performed from start to finish and then make a decision based on education and explain to all people what actually happens and why it should be ok.

4. i wish that people would stop using their facebook status' to insult people, passive-aggressively. i notice this quite frequently...being that they are splattered everywhere...even if you don't care to see them.

5. i wish that a dear friend would have not been hurt by an old picture that was also splattered all over facebook, without her knowledge or consent. (maybe i wish i had never signed up for facebook...the jury is still out on that one.)

6. i wish that Texas would pick a season and stick with it. hot, cold, warm, cool, snow, beach weather. i need my own meteorologist stationed on my roof.

7. i wish that i didn't have to raise my voice to be heard.

8. i wish that people who are totally and unselfishly giving of themselves to help other people who are in need would stop being criticized and talked about.

9. i wish i would quit being talked about.

10. i wish that people in this town realized that 8 year old little leaguers did not need to be practicing until 9:30 on a week night...twice.

ok. i'm done.

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