Sunday, May 03, 2009

confusion at its best

after colton's ballgame the other night, we decided to take advantage of baskin robbin's 31 cent scoop night. never mind that the line was about 30 people deep and wrapped around the store outside...daiquiri ice was back and i was getting some.

the real entertainment came on the drive home from the ice cream parlor...and i do love calling it that. it makes me feel like i live in the early 60's or on the brady bunch or something. we have 2 family shows that we all watch together weekly. the first is dancing with the stars and the second is american idol. in the car...on this particular night, the conversation turned to dwts. aiden was informing us that melissa was out of the competition this week due to "dropping her ribbons." in actuality, she had overheard the announcer speaking of a rib injury and mistaked it for dropping her hair ribbons. when i asked her to clarify, she said, "you know...she lost her bows!" bruised ribbons...same difference. she can't compete.

chase, who is totally and completely fascinated with gilles (all due to the superman dance that he did at the beginning of the season) informed us all for the bazillionth time that he was, in fact going to be like gilles when he grew up and do a dance on dwts and rip open his shirt to reveal a big super S on his chest.

when one is listening intently and is somewhat befuddled by the actual conversation happening between her 3 very unique and entertaining kids in the backseat, you can understand how one may or may not completely tune out what is playing on the radio. it would not be unheard of to not realize that a "questionable" song was playing, rather loudly, throughout the vehicle. it was when it got quiet and i heard...and i quote..."she moves her body like a cyclone. she makes me want to do it all night long," that i turned it off with haste. i then said, "wow...that was a song about the iowa state cyclones," attempting to do damage control. there was a short silence followed by colton saying, "that didn't sound like no fight song to me."


Kara said...

That is hysterical! :D LOL... hmmmm seems like this good mom needs to step it up a notch!

Secondly, I love daiquiri ice! :) That will be our next outing together, plus i haven't had baskin robbins in years.

meredith said...

oh my word. your life could be a sitcom. for real.

Anonymous said...

You just made me laugh out loud with the "ice cream parlor" explanation. LYLAS!