Friday, September 18, 2009


is this bag not the most delicious bag you have ever seen? i came across it through a random blog that had a link to another random blog that had them featured. it just so happens that i have been in the market for a new diaper bag for annslee...okay. actually for me. (but it would be holding all of her loveliness.)...over the last several days. i have looked at places such as tj max, ross, and target. i have focused on these places because they happen to be the only places i was in and seemed to follow our budget. however...i found nothing. until now. unfortunately this little piece of perfection, although would make the perfect diaper bag, does not meet the price roughly $250. annslee's lovelies will have to find another place to be toted.

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meredith said...

um. loveliness. i just splurged on a nice leather handbag @ tj maxx...i am considering it an investment piece. that helps me swallow the price tag!!

with a bag like that, you can't go wrong. I say do it! do it! do it!!