Wednesday, December 05, 2012

that's just me.

i have about 20 library books and 4 videos that are due back.  or over due in some cases.  you wanna take a guess how many i have located?
that would be 1 book and 1 video.
wait...back in on up...
colt just found another book.
so we are only 18 books and 3 videos short now.
i knew this was a bad idea.  whoever thought it a good idea to issue this family a library card was sadly mistaken.
i even created a "library file."  all library items are supposed to be kept in the same, little filing shelf on my desk.  guess how many things are in that thing?
that's right.  zero.
for all i know...they are hidden in a stocking somewhere.  i can't be held responsible for normal household items after christmas decorations are involved.
last night, i was in bed and right before i dozed off...i heard a sound that could only be "cat and christmas tree related" in the living room.  i decided to leave it alone.  if i got up to find the entire tree down...broken ornaments strewn from one end of the living room to the front door...and a dead cat, that would involve me cleaning it all up and digging a hole in the backyard when i should be sleeping peacefully.
so i pretended i didn't hear it, (i feat that never would have been conquered pre-annslee) and drifted off to sleep.
this morning...i found a few broken limbs and 4-5 ornaments on the ground and the lights all caddy-wampus...but it wasn't that bad.  which goes to show that sometimes it's best to just ignore it.
annslee was struck down by strep throat this week.  she was running fever the night we got home from KC.  she's on the mend now...but it took all of us to entertain that filly while she was in a fever induced stupor.  she's the only person i know that would feel like being twirled while running a 104 fever.  but you can pretty much go ahead and just put the rest of your life aside when she's sick...cause she'll make your life down-right colorful if you don't do what she wants.  and colorful is just a nice way of puttin' it.
colt had just changed her diaper for me and he put the blasted thing on backwards.  we'll do anything to get her wantin' to start using the potty, i guess.

aiden was supposed to be doing her homework.  it's nice to see these old, kindergarten math manipulatives that i saved are coming in handy.

and another thing...if you come to our house any time soon...i'd stay away from the ones that aj put up her nose while battling strep throat.
but that's just me.

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