Friday, July 05, 2013

my girl can cook.

the sweet pea has said...for several years now...that she is going to be a "cooker" (chef) when she grows up.  she is going to have her own restaurant/bakery...(where we will eat free, by the way)...and she already has the name.  i'll wait and let her tell the world. dad plays golf with the owner of the savannah cafe and bakery.  when he told the guy that aiden was asking for a skillet for her 8th birthday, he became enamored with having her come into the restaurant for...what we thought...would be a tour of the kitchen.

this past monday was the day.  we arrived at the restaurant at 9:00 am and was blown away by what they had planned for her.

the owner and general manager were waiting for her...with an official apron that they had made for her.

she learned her way around a restaurant kitchen.

she baked cookies.  like, real cookies.  that people ate.

she learned the register.

she took orders.

and ran credit cards.

she ran food.

and she made fans...

the empolyees...the

my girl is amazing.

and the cutest little baker, waitress, hostess, restaurateur i've ever met.

i hope you remember this day forever aiden annee-grace.  it was like a dream for you.

thank you to grandaddy and all the people at the savannah cafe and bakery for making a little girl's dreams come true.  and if you have a chance...go eat at the restaurant.  it's amazing fresh, and delicious food.  you won't be sorry.  plus...the people that work there are pretty cool.

savannah cafe & bakery
located behind the starbucks on hwy 3 and clear lake city boulevard

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