Friday, October 06, 2006

as important as oprah

i saw this preview for an oprah show and as well as i could tell...she was answering questions that viewers had for her. "what is in your purse?", was one of the questions that the viewers of oprah had. now is it just me, or are there more important questions to be asked? or, is this a very good question, because after all, you can tell a lot about a girl by what is in her purse. i decided that people were interested in this for the same reason shows like laguna beach and newly weds: nick and jessica are or were hit tv shows. we all have a touch of curiosity...most of us do anyway. maybe chad doesn't. he can't believe i am actually excited about the umpteenth season of the bachelor. "but baby...this one's in rome!!" close your eyes tight and you may actually see him rolling his. well anyhow, today i've been wondering if anyone would actually ever ask me what was in my purse. am i as important as oprah or the high schoolers from laguna beach, california? i decided i was. we all are. luckily we have a God that watches our lives as much as we watch others...and not only watches, but is wrapped up in them as much as i am wrapped up in the bachelor. my prayer today is that i would be as much wrapped up in him. so, in celebration of us all being as important as is a list of what is in my purse:

rustic brown leather wallet
3 half empty bottles of antibacterial hand gel (can you dig it?)
1 package of monster's inc. snacks
2 hair clippys (1 brown and 1 black)
5 sharpies (one can never have too many sharpy markers)
1 bottle of advil
a glue stick (just in case!!)
travel wipes
a medicine measurer and dispenser
2 double a batteries (????)
appointment reminder for NASA bone and joint (for chase's follow up)
antibiotic ointment
2 car seat clips (in case i have to install aiden and chase's car seat in someone else's car for whatever reason...i have never actually had to do this.)
children's tylenol meltaways
infant tylenol concentrated drops
infant motrin with dispenser (in case the tylenol doesn't work)
lansinoh (i have no idea why that is in there...we are getting into the inside pocket region)
blue pen
black pen
a bunch of gift cards that are half used with like $1.28 left on them
and my favorite tangerine lip gloss

well, there you have it. if i ever get discovered and am a big star, in the eyes of people other than God that is, you can tell everyone you know what is in my purse.


Shannon Hayes said...

Hiya mindy! love the blog, and maybe i will start one myself one of these days! Glad Sea World was such a success. We went a couple of years ago with Silas and Luke. But i don't think they remember it! Oh well - except Silas(who was 4) does remember touching the dolphins! :) we miss you guys!
Shannon Hayes

killerhawk said...

Now that's entertainment! I don't care who you are!!

What's in Chad's purse???

mindy clarkson said... always make me smile out loud. we miss you.