Monday, October 02, 2006

"San Antonio or Bust!"

On the river walk in beautiful San Antonio

chase's birthday weekend in san antonio was a success!! we had so much fun. the quote for the trip was "san antonio or bust!!" of the many highlights of this trip, the two that stand out the most for me were 1.) chase thinking that the indoor pool at the hotel was seaworld (we came upon it and he said, "look mom...seaworld. where are the dolphins?" and 2.) chase and i feeding and petting the dolphins at dolphin cove. seaworld was amazing for everyone. chase made his peace with shamu right away. we all enjoyed the sea lion show, shamu's show, the baluga whales and dolphin show, the best playground we've ever been on, dolphin cove, the water ski show (i've decided that this will be my next career move...seaworld waterskier), and watching aiden dance in the pavillion at the dance party that was starting as the sun went down on chase's fourth birthday at seaworld. on sunday, we went to the riverwalk and ate lunch at the rainforest cafe. then we saw the alamo. i think i have a renewed passion for my texas herritage and chad is feeling a bit more like a true texan as well. REMEMBER THE ALAMO!! the whole weekend was a blast for everyone. my goal is to make a slide show set to music with all the pictures and video clips for chase to have. if i get that accomplished...i will post it so y'all can see it. it will take some serious dedication. chase is worth it.
the next visa commercial:
tickets to seaworld...$140
stay in a shamu approved hotel...$160
kids meals that come in plastic shamu whales...$10...

all three kids mesmorized...PRICELESS.


shawna said...


I loved seeing your pics of San Antonio! We have been planning a family trip next spring. The kids can't wait.

Have you seen My sil did a really cool montage with it. Her blog is it is at the bottom of the page.

-katie's sister in law

mindy clarkson said...


i highly recommend it. it was fantastic. let us know when y'all go...maybe katie and davey would bring the girls!


MAN IN TREE said...

Beautiful family!!! One serious downfall of me being up here is missing those wonderful moments and seeing their little faces. As for your new found pride of Texas; well, I am with ya on that one. I miss Texas more and more and find myself defending my home state quite a bit up in these parts. I cant tell you how many times I have said up here… “YOU SIR will be meeting me outside if you don’t take that Texas remark back”. It is quickly followed with my declare of…. “Okay then, just let me grab my jacket, gloves, scarf, sock-hat and/or ear muffs and I will be right behind ya.” By the time we plow out a nice spot to prove whatever it was we had to prove in the first place, our joints are frozen stiff, we cant move on account of all the layers, and we loose interest. I miss you guys soooo much and would give anything to have been able to take that trip with you. Sounds to me like the seaworld trip was just a little warm up for a real Alaskan adventure. We got all that stuff up here ya know. It was great seeing those pictures. Love you guys. By the way, I watched that show and couldnt quite get into it.

- Man In Tree

john and lindsey said...

sorry i didn't call you back last night; i will try again tonight. super cool pictures! so glad to hear chase re-thought his shamu stance. looks like you guys had a blast. if you need help with the video, just let me know. john and i did one for my 30th birthday a couple of weeks ago. and we're off to orlando and to see the dolphins this weekend ... will post some pics when we get back. talk to you soon!

TJ said...

From the looks of the first family picture, Chad is still thinking about the credit card bill more than the priceless kids' faces. :)

The Addison Onion said...

wow! the kiddos are so grown up! looks like yall had a great trip. miss you!