Saturday, May 12, 2007

On The Day You Were Born...

...You were wanted. You were loved.

...You were special. You were beautiful.

Today; you are still all of those things. Forever.
Happy Birthday to our Aiden Annee-Grace, who turned 2 years old this morning at 1:47 am. This last picture was her answering me when I asked her how old she was. "Twoooo."
We love you baby girl. Happy, Happy Day.


amanda said...

Happy Birthday Aiden!!!!!
I hope you have a wonderful day.
We love you! Amanda, Abe, Samira and Salim

Shannon said...

Happy Birthday Aiden! Cannot wait to see you and wish you a happy belated one in person! We are definitely flying in on June 2nd, some time in the morning, into International. I will let you know more later!!

mindy clarkson said...

we are excited to see you guys. colton is beside himself! the astros game is going to be a blast.