Tuesday, October 16, 2007

i'm pretty sure i have my hands full with this one.

the other day, i was in the living room picking up the videos and dvd's that the kids like to take out of their appropriate cases and throw all over the floor, when i heard little footsteps coming down the stairs. the kids had been playing upstairs in the playroom for a while. i had been hearing different games going on from downstairs, such as zoo, toy story, superheros, kitchen, and the like. it doesn't take long for me to realize that it is aiden on her way down the stairs. i assumed she was tired of playing with "her boys" and needed some girl time. although that usually doesn't happen. she is dressed in a little sun top, with a matching bow in her hair and pink nail polish on her toes and a purse on her arm. she comes prancing into the living room, swinging her purse, looking just like i had always pictured a daughter of mine looking like. so sweet; so cute, with her little page-boy hair cut...the picture of feminine. there were some of her little dolls scattered on the floor, so i asked her if she wanted to put them in her purse to keep them safe. she did. so she took her purse, that was already full off her arm. she thought for a second, opened it, pulled out a g.i. joe accessory and, very nonchalantly said, "here mommy...hold my gun."

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Anonymous said...

she's sooo charlie's angels. sweet.