Friday, October 26, 2007

in celebration of...

...ME!!!!!! here is a list of what all i got for my birthday. and a big thank you to the people who are closest to me who took time out of their lives to celebrate with me and make me feel loved and cherished.

the new, blue ipod nano

distressed lucky jeans

james avery ring (sort of) :)

billabong t-shirt

2 starbucks gift cards

fossil gift card

chocolate brown hooded sweater

a cold front...which i had secretly wished for and God delivered :)

the infamous and traditional homemade t-shirt from my brother...which gets funnier every year

dave matthews concert tickets (already used and oh so apprictiated)

kelly clarkson concert tickets (to be used in november and oh so appreciated)

a space shuttle cake (b/c discovery launched oct. 23rd...just 1 day before my big day and i was quite excited about that...and the fact that 2 astronauts from our church went up and we sent the ukrainian flag up with them...which is floating around in space right this very minute!!!!)

new quilt and sheets for mine and chad's bed

a good book

a ride with good friends on the ferris wheel and pharoh's furry on the water, at the boardwalk on a cold, star-filled birthday night

the realization that even though my sweet husband; my love; was in ukraine...things were being done to further God's kindom in ukraine because of him and his ability to listen to and follow God and that life is not all about me on october 24th and that i have the greatest friends and family that will step in to take care of me.

many hugs and sloppy kisses and smiles and happy "birfday" wishes from 3 very sweet children

dinner at bj's with a free birthday pizzookie

and last, but certainly not least...many cards and well wishes from family and friends

WOW!!!! do i feel lucky and loved.

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