Wednesday, November 14, 2007

where in tarnation do they get this stuff?

every day that passes, i hear more and more from my kids that make me wonder in amazement how on earth they come up with some of the things they think and say. for example, anytime my sweet, 2 year old daughter sees a dog, she a very worried tone..."that doggys gonna eat my knees!!!!" she says this while bending down and covering her knees with her hands. i really have no idea why she would think that a dog would eat her knees. no idea, whatsoever.

then...last night, i was making dinner. i had chopped up some zuccini, squash, and bell peppers and was getting ready to roast them in the oven. i drizzled some olive oil on them and shook them on the pan to make sure they were all covered. colton was standing there silently watching me. he then proceeds to say, "mom...that's not how rachel ray does it." are you kidding me? how does he even know who rachel ray is? i don't even watch her cooking show. i mean, are the kids in 1st grade talking about rachel ray on the playground? does the 1st grade have a cooking unit that i don't know about? why am i always in the dark?? is, by far, our friendliest child. he goes up to EVERYONE he sees and says, "hi. i'm chase. i like frogs. that's colton. he's my brother. and that's aiden. she's my sister. it's nice to meet you. see you later. have a nice day." sometimes he will add a "rock on" or a "peace out" and usually gives a thumbs up somewhere throughout the conversation...and sometimes a hang ten. it takes a while to get through target. who am i to stop him from loving people?

in other news, chad and i leave on saturday for new york. this is my first time to new york and i hold out hope that i will, indeed get discovered while i'm there. chad has to go for church stuff and he is bringing me along for our anniversary. chase thinks we are going to meet kermit the frog and miss piggy while we are there because the his favorite muppet movie says they are in manhatten. on broadway to be exact. i hate to bust his bubble, so i havn't. :) my parents are keeping the kids for us and we will get home on tuesday. yeah!!

well, that's about it for now. tune just never may see my name in lights!!!! either that, or on the news after being kicked out of the city after rushing the stage at some off, off broadway show...knocking the lead out of the way and taking over the song. you only live once!!

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Anonymous said...

Hey, anyone who wants to come help out at Granna and Grandaddy's house Saturday-Tuesday just come on over. We are going to have a sweet time--maybe even the Galleria????of course for the Disney Store and then on down to the Chocolate bar. Do you think we can get some Christmas decor up???
Can't wait!!