Friday, November 02, 2007

siblings, halloween, and one fall festival

so, i was carrying aiden downstairs this morning after i had gone to get her out of bed and we were being all snuggly while we were coming down the stairs. i was asking her is she slept well and if she had any good dreams when she caught a glimpse of chase sitting at the table eating his breakfast. she said real excited like, "there's chase." she was pointing at him like she had been waiting for that moment all night. the moment when she would get to come downstairs and see her big brother and talk to him and play with him and know that all is right with the world...because she was reunited with her chase. i said, "yep...there's chase." then, while still looking at him from my arms on the stairs she said, "i like that boy." there is something about sibling relatioinships that i just love. i had that with my little brother as well. he would follow me around all day long and wait for me at the door when i went to kindergarten...waiting for the moment we would be reunited...just like aiden. we have all these memories and stories from our childhood...and we are still making them...which i love. and i love that my kids are making those memories for themselves right now. when i'm in target or at the mall with all three little ones in tow, people always look at me like i had temporarily lost my mind when deciding to have kids so close together and i've had more than one, "you have your hands full." yeah...i do have my hands full. absolutely. but isn't there a song that says something about God having the whole world in his hands? i just feel lucky to get a little taste of the joy that he must feel.

in other news...i'm trying to get my pictures from halloween off my camera and onto the computer and i've had some trouble. surprise. surprise. as soon as i figure out the problem, i will post some pics from our fun night. we went to a concert up at the church that was outside and they had trick or treating for the kids. everyone was in constumes...including the adults...which i was extremely excited about. you just can't get adults to dress up my dismay. so, chad was clark kent and i was a cowgirl. (let's face it...any reason to wear my cowgirl boots and hat is a good one.) colton was batman; chase was robin; and aiden was "kitty cat girl". something about calling my 2 year old daughter "catwoman" just didn't sit well with me. my parents showed up at our house as kermit the frog and miss piggy before we went to the concert. my mom had made the costumes to surprise the kids and it was hysterical. they parked several houses away and walked up the middle of the street. we were all out in the front yard and chase and aiden were flabergasted that kermie and piggy were actually coming to our house to trick or treat. colton, on the other hand was trying to reconcile the fact that he knew kermie and piggy were fictional...yet they did, in fact, appear to be walking down our street...and they were much taller than expected. who were these characters? a fun time was had by all.

this morning, i am taking chase and aiden to a birthday party at chuck e. cheese. a place that sends my anxiety and germ phobia into a near panic attack and uses up every ounce of antibacteria hand gel that i may have in my bag. today, i have to go up to the school to help out colton's teacher. tonight, our small group is helping out lighthouse ministries by sorting clothes and stuff in the back storage room. and tomorrow is the fall festival up at the school. i have had to organize our class booth and get volunteers to run the game in hour long shifts. i have 1 hour covered at this point. the parents don't seem to be too thrilled with volunteering at the football fling booth. it's not my idea people. i didn't come up with the idea to have a class booth...or a fall festival for that matter. oh well. what are ya gonna do? i guess i will be spending my saturday at a fall festival in a football fling booth. at least it's not that "throw a baseball and dunk you in the water" booth. i think i would have to put my foot down on that one. then on sunday morning, the thing that i am most excited about happens. the thing i have been waiting for all season. the thing that is bringing me such comfort and joy at this moment. we pick up 1 extra hour of sleep!! whoooo hoooo!! fall back y'all!!


gramma sue said...

I'm looking forward to the pictures..will they be of all 7 of you? I keep thinking of Aiden saying, 'I like that boy'...(it makes me smile). thanks, Mindy

Shannon said...

What I want to know, is did you actually get that extra hour of sleep? Cause my little one woke up at 5:15am saying, "where are u momma?" i am missing the extra hour!!!

Amanda said...

I agree with Shannon. There was no extra hour of sleep in my house! :) But I did enjoy not having to go at break neck speed to make it to church on time. :) I can't wait to see pictures! I hope to send some soon. Love ya!