Friday, April 11, 2008

i love that kid

most of you know that chase has a speech impairment. he has been in speech therapy since he was 2 years old. our goal for him was for full remediation to take place before kindergarten starts. i am so thankful that we started him in therapy so early. it has made a huge difference. however...along with a speech delay comes some very humorous words. for chase...his brain processes what is being said perfectly but gets tangled coming out of his mouth. it's a disability involving pronunciation. they say that it involves low muscle tone and that it should totally re mediate itself. this is why he is also in occupational therapy. the mouth is not the only muscle that is hard for him to work right. it has affected his fine motor skills as well. for is hard for him to hold a pencil properly, or color, or form letters. his therapists are great and i know he will eventually get his own time...and that's ok. he loves people and i always tell him that makes me more proud of him than anything else. speech...his biggest hang ups are L's and TH's and sometimes V's...depending on where they are placed in the word. for example...he would say, "i want to brush my teef" and "can i use gwu (glue)". his first swim teacher's name was liz and everyday he would say, "hi wiz." anyhow, the other day he said something so funny that i had to tell the masses. (at least the grandparents :) this is not so much a pronunciation problem as it was what he thought the words were. anyhow...he was wanting to put on his baseball uniform and play outside. he was also looking for his baseball glove and batting glove. this is what he came in the room saying...

"i need to put on my human form (uniform). and mommy...i need my glubbs (gloves)"

after he left the room, i looked at chad and chad said, "did he just ask for his human form?"

i said, "yep. he did."

i love that kid.


Amanda said...

I loved this post. We also look for "glubbs" around here. And just this week we were working on L's at the bigging of a word. La, Le, Li, Lo , Lu! :)
Love, Amanda

Anonymous said...

I so "bery" much "wub" that kid too.

meredith said...

we too look for teh glubs at our house, but never the human form. that is adorable.

Finally, a moose loose by the hoose said...

I love that kid Sis. Such a sweet spirit and a loving boy. I hope he never changes. Tell the kids hi an that I love ‘em. I am getting my home boy, “Flat Stanley” back in the mail this week. It was worth the wait for some great moose pictures with him by my house.

-cloud rider