Wednesday, April 02, 2008

playdough and horses

i'm not a huge fan of play dough. it makes such a mess. so, it may not be the play dough that i mind...but the mess. however, kids seem to love play dough. we have it. we just don't use it. i always find some reason why we don't need to play with play dough.

over spring break, i decided to make edible play dough. i looked up recipes online and found a ton that were made with peanut butter, honey, and dried milk. chase can't have i had chad on it while i was in the kitchen making lunch. he found one that was 2 cups powdered sugar; one cup peanut butter; and 1/2 a cup of honey. i decided to try it and it was amazing. i highly recommend trying it with your kids. (or, if you don't have kids...who doesn't enjoy a day of sculpting with play dough that you can eat?) i let them each pick several cookie cutters to use with it and then made a snowman together. we used chocolate chips for the eyes and a mini carrot for the nose. they actually fought over who ate the nose. i think i've stumbled upon a great way to get them to eat all kinds of veggies. hey's not just a corn-cob's actually corn on the cob.

you know how much kids can talk? a lot. my kids talk a whole lot. all three of them. there is constant chatter. so, it's no surprise that sometimes my ears get tired. towards the end of the day, colton was coloring at the bar. he asked me what he should draw. i said to draw a horse. then, he asked what color it should be, except i was in the middle of doing something and didn't answer him right away. he asked again and i said, rather quickly, "brown. make the horse brown. with a black mane and a black tail." colton looked at me and said, "you're an angry woman." wha????? where did he hear that? did i sound angry? i didn't think i sounded angry. i didn't feel angry. i felt tired...but not angry. i laughed and thought, "no...i'm a tired woman."

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kay said...

oh my gosh...sooo funny.