Sunday, July 20, 2008


chad and i are back in iowa. we got the call at 4:15 am friday morning. you know the one. the one that no one wants to get. the one that makes your heart sink and your stomach sick. it was davey...chad's sister's husband on the other end. katie (chad's sister) had been taken to the er late thursday night with what seemed to be a migraine. several hours later, what appeared to be a drug induced, peaceful and finally pain-free sleep was actually a coma. the doctor said that a test revealed that she had a ruptured brain anuerism. they gave davey a choice. we can let her quietly pass, or we can do a surgery that will most likely not help. davey made the choice. quickly. she was immediately taken in to a 3 hour brain surgery. chad and i left the kids with my parents and and caught the 7:30 am flight from houston to kansas city and then drove a rental car the remaining 2 1/2 hours to iowa methodist hospital in des moines. during our short lay-over in oklahoma city, chad talked to his brother. the doctor had just told the family that the damage was too severe and that they did not anticipate katie ever waking up. hope was lost. when we arrived at the hospital, we were met by nearly all of our family members and close friends. everyone was there for one reason. a miracle. when davey met us in the waiting room, he said that katie had squeezed his hand. she had heard his voice. she knew her husband. she did what he asked her to do. she had fought. God had fought. she showed everyone that hope is never lost. when human knowledge said there was no hope...Jesus said otherwise. katie is continuing to fight. she is fighting to wake up. she is fighting to talk. she is fighting for her life. for her family. through prayers of faith for her life...for her healing...God is fighting too. and i don't know about you, but i would want no one else fighting for her than Jesus. the ultimate warrior. the ultimate healer. her Father.

it is sunday now. chad remains at the hospital. at his family's side. at his sister's side. i am at the house with their 3 children. one of which is their 12 day old baby boy...who everytime i look at his sweet face, i see glimpses of Katie...and miracles...and Jesus.

you can find all the updates and information about Katie and her progress at


Amanda said...

Mindy, I have thought about you and Chad and Katie and Davey and the kids throughout the day. I have others praying along with us. My prayer is for a miracle and for Jesus and his truth to shine through. I love you! Amanda

Kathy said...

We continue to pray for Katie and all the family. I'm sure they are so thankful that you are there caring for their precious children. We won't lose hope, we'll continue to lift Katie's name to the great physician.

Love and prayers, Kathy Kerwin and family

paulette said...

Good Morning Chad and Mindy...
I'm so sorry for the circumstances but I'm glad you are here for Katie. You know THE CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE LIVES INSIDE OF KATIE he has her covered! Jesus is sitting at the right hand of God right now interseding on katies behalf HIS LIFE, HOPE, STRENGTH. is pumping thru her veins right now it's his blood that gives katie her next breath! God is with us so I agree all things are possiable today &tomorrow God has her covered. I will continue to pray LIFE over her heart,& mind, You know God likes to SHOW OFF he has one purpose in mind that is we become totally dependant on him for all things and he will take care of the rest.

By the way lindey my daughter just turned 17 my how time flyes. Tomorrow she will be in a 3 day turbo for christlife. If you would pray that she will have the courage and the strengh to face the giants in her life so god can set her free. Linsey had a traumatic experince and needs healing so my prayer is she will have a funeral over the next 3 days for her memories. God is faithful and I will trust He will work all things out for are good. God has a plan and purpose for Katie and it all GOOD!!!

Take care bless you and your family God is with us.


Paulette sherod

Shannon said...

Just praying...and praying.

Anonymous said...

I knew as soon as I heard about Katie that you would go to take care of the children. I can't think of anyone more equiped for Katie & Davey to entrust them to at this time. I'm sure Colton & Chase are a wonderful distraction for them at this time. I will pray for strength, focus, & God's grace poured out through you as you minister to them. especially baby sawyer. We are praying for all of you.
You are very loved,

lindsey said...

you and chad and the entire family are in my thoughts. i'm praying ...