Tuesday, July 29, 2008

stage name

watching the 3 d hannah montana concert on tv
colton would never admit to liking hannah montana...however i feel that this is proof enough. i love watching hannah montana with the kids. it is really a cute and funny show. it keeps us all entertained. the other night, her 3d concert was shown on the disney channel. chad went and got them 3d glasses from blockbuster that ended up not really working...as they were intended for viewing fireworks...but whatever. this was fairly close to the beginning of the concert...before they lost interest and went to play play station in our bedroom. it was at that point, that chad and i looked at each other wondering why 2 adults were sitting alone in the living room, enjoying a hannah montana 3d concert on tv. i thoroughly enjoyed myself though. in fact...i am a part of the band that is headed to ukraine this sunday and will get to sing onstage several times for who knows how many ukrainians. i have decided to change my stage name to mindy indi..........ana!!


Kathy said...

How funny! I'm glad I'm not the only Mom who sits through Hannah with my kids! We even saw the 3D concert when it came to the movie theater ... oh yeah, I'm such a dork! =)

Shannon said...

Mindy - tell Colton Silas watched for a while, too. But our kids lost interest as well. We even got the 3D glasses from Wal-Mart. However, I tivo'd it for later, so I can try to grab the confetti now!