Tuesday, November 11, 2008

colton. he's witty. i'll give him that.

i have a back log of little comments and things that our oldest has said. they are all recorded in random places so that i won't forget...like post its, grocery lists, and the like. in an effort to clean my desk drawer...i shall record them here instead.......

his comments on aging from a school project last year...

"when i am 100 years old i will smell like i haven't showered in 30 years and i will have lots of grandchildren and great grandchildren and i might have wrinkles and white or gray hair and i don't think that i won't live to be 100 years old."

i was correcting some of aiden's table manners (or lack thereof) at dinner one night. i had put a small roll in my mouth and had just swallowed it. aiden started putting the food she didn't want in her water. i said, "aiden...that's not using good manners." colton replied, "but putting a whole piece of bread in your mouth is?" chad and i couldn't stop laughing...to which colton then said, "that should be a blog."

our babysitter couldn't come for small group at the last minute (she watches them upstairs and we are downstairs), so i told colton that he was going to have to be responsible and watch his brother and sister for us during group. i even said, "and i will give you 5 dollars" which is a lot for him!! i thought he would be elated. i saw the wheels turning while he just looked at me. then finally, he broke the silence and said calmly, "15."

he has been asking for a dog for christmas. he found one on-line that he wanted and called me in to see it. i said, "colton!! those dogs are 950 dollars." colton said, "from santa...........free."

the other day, he had a scratch on his elbow. every time he would bend his elbow, the scab would pull a bit. he walked up to me, showing me the elbow and said, "ummmm mom. we're gonna have to cast this thing."

i love witty.

i love colton.


Juli said...

Haha! Those are awesome! Sweet Colton - I still remember when he was so quiet, but you know all those thoughts were swirling around in his head waiting to burst out.

lindsey said...

he gets it from his mom. :)