Thursday, November 06, 2008

Halloween and Other Scary Things

Man...things are so busy here that I barely have time to post anything...which makes me sad. I miss recording stories. I feel like I have missed so much. Let's see...there was Chase's birthday party at the gymnastics place. We decided on an Olympic theme this year...which was thrilling. The cake was an olympic flag, and we had a medal ceremony at the end where they all got a gold medal and their party favors which included energy bars and gatorade. It was that day that I pulled every muscle in my leg while attempting my old bar routine dismount. heard me right.

Then, there was the New Kids On The Block concert where our horrible seats got upgraded to the 18th row on the floor. I was so excited when they came out that I fell backwards because I was jumping up and down so much. Don't friend...(and the chair)...caught me.

Next was the surprise birthday party Chad and some friends threw for me. They got me good. Everyone was acting like they were too busy to do anything with me for my birthday. This was upsetting because it was on a Friday night and my parents had offered to watch the kids. I thought we could do something a little out of the ordinary...but noooooo. Everyone was busy. Little did I know that they had planned a luau in the backyard, complete with tiki torches, music, and amazingly thought-out food. I was so shocked when Chad pulled up the driveway that I sort of froze like an idiot...just staring at all the people staring at me. I was quite excited.......until they made me wear the coconut bra...which put a damper on things for the few minutes that I appeased them before taking them off!!

Halloween was a success even though the party I was throwing for the kids ended up having to be cancelled due to Colton having a fever. I let go of control this year and let each kid pick what they wanted to be. (I used to have them all coordinate) I knew that was going to eventually come to an end. It was fun while it lasted. Colton was a football player. Chase was an astronaut. Aiden changed her mind at the last minute and was Tinkerbell instead of a kitty cat. I did not have to buy anything this year...which was lovely. I had already bought some decorations for the we put orange and purple lights on the front porch and had pumpkin candles lit. My parents and my brother came over and went trick or treating with us. Kevin and I still dressed up, as we were already planning to for the party...that was not had. It was such a fun night because the whole neighborhood got into it. Even a lot of parents dressed up. This was great until a man in a mask jumped out of the bushes at this one house and I ended up screaming at the top of my lungs. My brother started laughing at me and the kids ran off in the other direction...not because of the man in the bushes...but because of my stupid screaming. The man felt so bad that he took his mask off and profusely apologized.

In other news...Colton has been given some trading cards by his friends at school. Yesterday, I asked him to explain them to me and show me how they play with them. They are called Yo Gi Oh! and they all look very scary. The text on the cards are in a different I was not really sure what the "monsters" were supposed to be. I did see that some of them were called "demonio"...which was a red flag...even with my lack of any understanding of foreign languages. I looked up the word and it means demon/ I suspected. Sooooo...I told Colton to put them in his backpack and wait for Daddy. Who would have thought we would have to sit him down and tell him why we have to take a child's card game away from him...due to the fact that he was playing with pretend demons. Now I feel like I need to walk through the house with a crucifix and oil praying against any Oh Gi Oh! weirdness. Scary.

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