Tuesday, August 04, 2009

my entertainment thus far


there's really not much i can say to add to the above...


after a long time of insisting that he never wanted to ride a bike...the other day, colton announced, "ok...i'm gonna ride a bike today." and he did.


Laura said...

Video #1: Hysterical. I can relate after having several dance parties with my cousins last week. Thanks for the laugh.

Video #2: Awesome! Thanks for sharing.

Kara said...

Ok, that was too funny, didn't know Chad had some moves. Then I saw Adian, the drive by in just her panties! :D

And who gave you that lovely bouquet of flowers on your mantle? What a cheerful idea.

Juli said...


Anonymous said...

just loved both videos!! and I noticed the flowers on the mantle, too. They look really nice there.

Shannon said...

Okay - my favorite part of Video #1 is Chad singing. Fantastic!
And so excited for Colton - bike riding is the first taste of freedom, I think.