Monday, August 17, 2009

who knew?

welp...who knew you could outgrow sweatpants?

i like to tell myself that people are wearing things tighter these days and that all my sweatpants are the "tighter style" and that is why i have suddenly outgrown them and that it is actually a good thing and that it is "all baby" and that these 1 or 3 pair of sweatpants that i can no longer get over my hips are made of a fabric that is way less stretchy than other sweatpants.

however...i am still somewhat annoyed at my sweatpants and have been since i tried to get them on this morning.

and furthermore, all my maternity shirts are feeling uncomfortably snug and the maternity tanks are tight and short and nothing feels comfortable except pajama pants and my sleep shirts. i know i have nowhere to go, but sometimes a girl wants to put on a cute, stylish outfit and it does nothing for my declining mood to have nothing cute and stylish to wear...even if it is to just sit in the chair.

and let me just give a piece of advice to any other pregnant women out there...or anyone who is hormonal for another reason...or just plain annoyed..........refrain from getting long hair cut off. it only makes you cry. and obsessively look at all girls on tv that have the long waves that you used to have.


Kara said...

Who knew...that this is the day I can hear in your voice you have completely lost your mind! :)

Its time to get you some of those never true, trashy magazines! ;)

m.c. said...

it's true kara. my mom snuck me a "people" the other day and chad picked it up, and i boldly said, "step away from the people."

Shannon said...

I myself do not consider "people" is occasionally necessary for my sanity. Now, maybe Us or Star....

m.c. said...

that's what i'm saying shannon! chad refuses to, and i quote, "waste money on that crap." what am i supposed to do now that i can't sneak them into the target purchase???? to look at the people website is just not the same as having the slick, glossy pages glide gracefully through my fingertips. it's really a shame.