Saturday, January 16, 2010

i'm sorry i'm late.

i've noticed that i am having difficulty keeping on top of things lately. quite frankly, i'm really not on top of anything and it's been going on longer than just "lately." all i can get accomplished (and by accomplished...i mean half-way done) is the clothes washed and dried and sometimes folded, food on the table (and by food...i mean sometimes cereal), and the kids to school on time (and by on time...i mean there seconds before the tardy bell with only 1 tardy a week). for example, the other day (colton's birthday to be exact), i had to have annslee fed, diaper changed, clothes changed from all the spit up, and her diaper bag packed; the boy's homework done; all of them pottied and dressed and at the restaurant for colton's birthday dinner at 5:00. in order to do this, i had to start at 3. so, that means that in order to get the boy's picked up at 3, i had to start the process for getting ready for that around 1. at that time, i was supposed to have the cupcakes made and delivered to the school...which process i had to start that morning. that morning i was supposed to be at a friend's house for our "coffee morning". so the process of getting the boy's to school and annslee fed and dry and happy and aiden dressed and fed and myself somewhat presentable to the outside public had to start somewhere around 5 am. so...what i have figured out is that when i wake up at 7 in the morning to start my day, i am already 2 hours behind!


Anonymous said...

You are so Right!!! I am in the same boat and need a LIFEVEST most days...and you have 1 more kid than me! To me you are Super Woman!


Lindsey said...

you ARE superwoman!! i have one and feel behind all the time - could not imagine having 4!! they are lucky to have you as their mommy, though - not everybody would get up at 5am for their kids.