Tuesday, January 26, 2010

a clarkson bedtime, walton style

i'm sure you remember the infamous walton's bedtime routine. i never even watched this show...but i know how the family said goodnight. the siblings would all say goodnight to each other from their own rooms and beds. "goodnight john boy", etc. well, last night as i was feeding annslee downstairs in the living room and chad was tucking the kids in, i heard how our family does it.

chase: (yelling from his bed in his room to aiden in her bed all the way across the upstairs) "AIDEN......I JUST TOOTED IN MY BED!"

aiden: (yelling back from her bed to chase in his) "WHAT?"


aiden: (laughing) "CHASE....THAT'S FUNNY!!"

........and it was.

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