Friday, March 19, 2010


after years of waiting and praying, george and ginger chi have been chosen to foster 4 month old twin boys. the twins will be arriving on their doorstep from child protective services on this coming thursday...march 25th. the chi's have desired children for many years and have been faithful to follow God's plan for them, even when it was painful and required a patience that, at times seemed unbearable. they, along with their family and friends praise God for His perfect timing and provision. their time has come...and we couldn't be happier for them. in thanksgiving and celebration, we would like to help them obtain what they need to care for these two, sweet baby boys. the twins have a 2 year old brother and almost 4 year old sister that are currently in foster care with another family. they will be coming to see their baby brothers on a regular basis and spending some of their weekends with the chi's. following is a list of needs that are needed for the children and contact information if you are able to help supply this Godly family with what they will need for, not just one baby...but TWO, and their brother and sister.


1 white dresser
1 excersaucer
1 pack and play
1 crib mattress
2 bumbo seats
1 play gym (mat with hanging toys)


2 cozy coop cars
1 wagon with high sides
boy toys (appropriate for 2 yr old)
girl toys (appropriate for 4 yr old)

*gift cards to target or babies r us would be greatly appreciated.

donation contact:

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Texas Slowpoke said...

So exciting. If they want to talk to someone who has been down that road before, please pass along our info. :)