Thursday, March 18, 2010


it's what annslee is doing right now and what i want to do. this child fights sleep like none of the others. i thought i had things under control. she was faking me. whisperer...james dobson...dr. sears...they can all kiss my tired..........(did i just have that thought?)

naps have been a no go. and now, it takes several hours to get her to sleep at night. once she finally goes to sleep, she sleeps all night, but good grief, it takes forever. tongiht, i'm at a point that i don't really know what to do. i have fed her...twice. i have rocked her. i have walked her around the house. we have swayed. we have lullubied. we have bounced. now she is just screaming herself to sleep. only she is just screaming and not falling asleep. what to do...what to do? do i go get her? do i not? it's almost 11 and we've been at this since 8. i just need for someone to tell me.

it's 11:26 and she is sleeping like a baby. i went in, layed down next to her, put her pappy back in her mouth and rubbed her head for 2 minutes. she's happy...and asleep. ahhhhhhhh.


Shawna said...

You can do it Mindy! Do what you have to do!

Sometimes in situations like this, I can mentally step outside it and ask myself, what would I tell a good friend to do if this was HER child? Then I can see it more clearly. Don't know if that helps, but thought I'd toss it out there. :)

You a great mom, and you are the perfect mom for sweet annslee. The Lord chose you for her, He does not doubt your abilities, and neither do we. Just do whatever it takes!

Hang in there!

Cara Smith said...

Hmmm...put her in the car and drive around in circles???

That is unless you are too tired to drive.

I will add my prayers of more sleep to those I'm sure you are already saying.

m.c. said...


Granna said...

Bring her to Granna!

Anonymous said...

Can you have her keep it down in there? I'm trying to take a nap.