Monday, May 03, 2010

chase strikes again

i don't think i can adequately explain to you how sweet chase really is. i mean, he is not unlike most kids and does have his moments...but they are few and far between. tonight, i went from room to room, kissing foreheads and snuggling faces and whispering secrets. when i got to chase's doorway, i didn't see him in his bed. the reason for that??? he was hiding behind his door, waiting to scare me. it was me who ended up scaring him when i poked my head around the door. he jumped and then giggled...showing me those famous dimples. he ran and got in bed and then i had the bright idea to run and jump on top of him. only, this did not go as planned...due to him putting his knees up. my throat landed on his knees and i landed in a heap on top of him, grabbing my throat, saying "owww...owww...owww"...through laughter. (you know...when you still laugh, even though something hurts really bad?) he giggled too, but was so naturally sweet. he said calmly and almost like a parent, "are you alright?" i said, "that hurt." he said, "i know it did." then he said, "i'm sorry." and kissed my forehead and said, "i know that hurt."

his sweetness overwhelmed me. and my throat.

after a little while of giggling and talking, we had this conversation:

me: do you want to go swimming this weekend?

chase (very excited): in the big pool?!?!

me (eyes wide and smiling): YES!!!!

chase: no. never.

me (confused look and exaggerated): whhhhyyyy?

*when i said why, a little spit flew in his eye.

chase (grabbing his eye and laughing): you just said why in my eye!

both of us collapsed into a heap of hugs and laughed. and then we said goodnight.

**reminder and note to myself...don't rush bedtime. it's going to be some of your favorite memories.**


Laura said...

Thanks for giving me smiles and and laughs while reading. :) Can I babysit for you this summer? :)


Anonymous said...

So true...thanks for the reminder...I am always spent at bedtime and ready for it that I do not spend anytime! Thank you!

Lindsey said...