Sunday, May 09, 2010


a.j. "watching" her biggest brother's baseball game
colt...watching his double come at him

colt...on the mound

mommy and her loves

* after church on mother's day, we had my parents, honey, and uk over for a cookout. the boy's planned the meal, went to the grocery store, did the cooking, and the serving, and the clean-up. dad was in charge of the meat and the homemade ice cream. he brought turkey burgers and chicken to grill. kevin was in charge of the buns and the grilling. chad was in charge of the sides and he waaay out did himself. he spent the entire week researching and looking up recipes. he decided on a spinach salad with roasted walnuts and goat cheese with a homemade honey mustard dressing that was a-mazing. he also made a fruit salad with poppy seed dressing with pistachios. yum. then...his crowd pleasing mvp's were the grilled sweet potato fries with a maple syrup glaze. i gotta say...i love a man at the grill. especially when it's my man! then, the kids gave me the gift card to james avery so that i could get the 4 engravable disk charms with their names on them. per-fect. after all...i love them...i love james avery jewelry...and i love their names. it's a win-win.

* "i love my mom" an appropriate shirt for the occasion

* ok. so i have to say that i usually stay away from the "mom needs a pat on the back so she puts me in these outfits that give her crazy props when i'm too young to do anything about it" clothes, however i sort of viewed this one as a holiday outfit...which is totally acceptable when used appropriately.

one of my favorite memories as a child was the homemade ice cream that my mom and dad made on our back patio in the summers. i couldn't wait for them to bust out the one we gave them for christmas this year. aiden was excited to "crank".

this is going to get blown up and framed for her room. who doesn't love a girl with a hula hoop?

4 generations of ladies...
3 of them moms, 2 of them babies.
after the ice cream, and the golf tournament that was so rudely interrupting our mother's day festivities, we played a mean game of backyard wiffleball. it was colt, me, grandaddy, and aiden against chase, u.k., and chad. i'm somewhat ashamed to say the we got schooled. i do have an excuse though. i was so tired from all the eating and sitting around that i wasn't quite myself. chase and aiden, on the other hand, were surprising us all by whacking the ball every time. chad was struck out by colton and obviously blamed the "ball" that he swung at, but eventually hit a home run redeeming himself. dad had a great hit, but somehow managed to trip on his way to home...kind of falling into home plate. i asked him what he tripped over, and he pointed and laughed, "that blade of grass," and then mumbled something about being sore in the morning. (i had "master's pine straw" flashbacks where he and i both face planted trying to get up the hill after the par 3 tournament.) u.k. out shined us all, but did get out at 1st after a diving "peg" from dad that he unsuccessfully tried to hurdle. eventually, colton had enough of us losing, and thus declared that it was my fault because i wasn't playing well today and that i stunk. that was super thrilling and pretty much ended the game. he did apologize later and kiss my forehead like the oldest son that he is...turning my frown upside down. i did stink at wiffle ball today...and didn't get the hits that colton was used to me getting. but give a girl a break. i didn't have to cook or serve........i was all out of wack!

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