Thursday, September 30, 2010


joshua "chase" clarkson...
when you were born, i felt your quiet and gentle spirit whisper to my soul.  i said, "he is going to be special.  i can feel his gentleness."  people didn't think i could know you this way when you were only a day old.  but i knew.

when you were 20 minutes old, i noticed one of my very favorite things about your face...your dimples.  i said, "ah!!!  he has dimples!!  i love them!"

you were always quick to smile and show them to me.  they always made me happy.  they still do.  i will always seek "permission to kiss the dimples."
with just a look, i know you.  i know just how you feel, and i feel it too.
you make me smile.
you make me feel important...and welcome...and loved.
and you make me want to play...and learn...and see things in a new and different way.
you make me appreciate life...and love.

you are a boy who is pleasing to you somehow know what He has done for a way that kid's don't usually understand.  you serve with a happy heart.  you put other's before yourself.  you love people, and make them feel special.
i can feel your quiet and gentle spirit whisper to my soul.  you are special.  i can feel your gentleness.  people didn't think that i could know you this way when you were only a day old...

but i knew.



Anonymous said...

Mindy, I love this sweet tribute to Chase. The bond between a mother & son is priceless. You are such a good mommy, my friend!
Love you, Ash

Giulian & Christy Giusti said...

That last one is such a handsome picture! Did Chase get glasses? At first I thought he was wearing Colton's...

m.c. said...

chase has had glasses for a few years now. he just doesn't wear them all the time. he is so handsome, isn't he?! love that kid.