Friday, October 08, 2010

I Knew You Before You Were Born

dear annslee james,

the promise of you started long before you were born.  i remember, clearly, writing your name when your brothers were just a toddler and a baby.  we were all at the beach in charleston with friends.  one night, we were playing with the magnadoodle.  randomly, i wrote...


that was when the hope of two girls...sisters...was born. 

i quietly began hoping and praying that God would give us daughters for your daddy and i, and sisters for the boys.  after aiden was born, i rejoiced in a dream coming true and half of my hope was made real.  when aiden was 1...4 and a half years before you were born, i came home from target with 4 children's plates.  there was a blue one for colton.  there was a green one for chase.  there was a pink one for aiden.  daddy asked me who the purple one was for...and i replied, "we can't forget about annslee."

these plates were stacked neatly in the cabinet, and every time i used the blue, green, and pink one, i saw your purple one;  a promise of you...quietly waiting for you...just like me.

i knew you were coming.  God whispered your name to me, just like he had that night at the beach.  He knew you before you were born.

In those years before you were born, i hoped, and longed, and dreamed and prayed for you.

and i waited.

and when i thought that i couldn't wait any longer, God formed you and knitted you together perfectly, and he gave you to me.  quietly and carefully, he tucked you in.  i knew.  i knew you were coming.

we all rejoiced and prepared and awaited you.  God made my hope complete.  you made my hope and my dream real.


sweet annslee james...

i knew you before you were born.

happy 1st birthday, my doll.

Father God, I will never tire of thanking you for giving me my dream.


meredith said...

beautiful post! *tears*

i will never forget our conversation by the wading pool, before you were even pregnant with annslee. what a gift & a blessing she is!!

i can't believe she is already 1! what a lil' dollie!!

Kara said...

Happy Birthday to your little sweet one, Annslee! I can't believe she's already 1. Sweet, sweet blessings to her and you as yall celebrate this huge milestone. :)

Cara Smith said...

Happy Birthday to Annslee (a little late)!

Miss you!

Debbie said...

Very nice ! Thanks for telling to check it out!