Tuesday, April 05, 2011

wouldn't ya know? when computers crash......life keeps right on happening!

so, we had a little incident when chad was away.  well...we had several incidents actually.  but, the one that affected my blogging was my laptop crashing.  or getting worms and viruses and going all haywire and scaring the bojangles out of me.  it was popping up message after message warning me and showing me how many worms and viruses were being detected.  when the number quickly approached 40...i panicked, hit the power button, un-plugged it, and hid it under a stack of magazines (just in case it was contagious), and told myself that when i turned it back on after chad got home...it would all be better.  maybe it just needed a little break. 

while my computer was resting and recuperating, over the last week...we have been doing the usual. 

baseball, soccer, yes walks, and the ncaa basketball tournament have been on the agenda.

last week, annslee and i started our "yes" walks tradition.  more on that next time.

the final four was in houston this year.  so, on friday, chad surpised colton and pulled him out of school and took him down to reliant to watch the final four teams practice.  then, that night...he had a baseball game.  it can't get any better than that!  so we thought...

aiden spent the night at a friend's house friday night and stayed up until 11.  during her 9 am soccer game the next morning, she got so tired that she layed down in the middle of the field to take a little rest.  that was a proud moment for me.  i mean, who wants their kid to score a goal or something, when it's blatently obvious that not everyone has a kid that is bold enough to lay down in the field to take a nap. one of the coaches thought that she actually passed out!   

on saturday, chad and i painted our thumbs green and worked all day in the yard.  we trimmed bushes, planted flowers, pulled weeds, and accidentally disturbed a nest with a momma bird and two baby birds in it.  the momma nearly took chad's head off when he started trimming some of the branches on her tree.  we didn't know that there were babies in the nest until chad and i did an impressive cheerleading stunt where i ended up on his shoulders.  i got a good look in the nest and saw two, tiny blobs of soft feathers with little heads poking up out of them.  the momma gave us a warning to back off...which goes to show that even momma doves are not so peaceful when their babies are threatened.  this display of automatic protection made the momma bear in me feel validated in some way.  not to worry...we left their tree alone and the momma bird came back to her babies.

yesterday, chad landed four tickets to the NCAA championship game.  colton, my dad, chad and i got to go see UCONN beat butler and pay entirely too much money for burgers and pizza.  it cost $25 to park your car!  since when did that become fair?  i had UCONN winning it all in our bracket pool, as did colton...which was crazy because we didn't help each other fill them out.  which means, that out of 100 brackets, colton came in 2nd, and i came in 4th.  this also means that colton wins $180, and i win $50.  i guess that will cover the parking and the food.  in hindsight...my 10 year old gambling...successfully...may not have been the best parental move.  what are ya gonna do?  none the less...this is when the, above mentioned, "it can't get any better..." indeed, got better.

anyway...UCONN winning us some money and bragging rights was nice.  but if i'm honest...my heart was pulling for butler.  who doesn't love a cinderella story?  plus the coach is super cute!!  (not as cute as chad, of course.)

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