Tuesday, May 31, 2011

6 years beautiful

when i look at her...i see beauty.  i see a kind of beauty that i never have had.  i see dark, silky hair and smooth, sun-kissed skin.  i see freckles...perfectly sprinkled across her nose and cheeks that suggest that the sun loves her and appreciates when she crinkles her nose at it.

i see grace.

i see a smile that has the ability to light up the world.

i see loyalty and love.

the 6th birthday hawaiian luau was shared with two of her fellow classmates and friends.  they all felt like hula princesses.  here they are playing the pineapple pass.  too bad you can't hear the beachy music in the background.

what would a luau be without coconuts?  here i am explaining the beach bag relay.  i think this was the favorite game...for the adults to watch and the kids to play as well.  the girls still giggle at the mention of the coconuts.

the kids had to put on everything in the beach bag...run to the beach chair...sit down...and then run back and take it all off for the next person.




water balloon toss


hula girl cake

hula princesses and their cake

baby hula princess

opening presents


when i look at her...i see beauty.

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Anonymous said...

You really put me to shame! So beautiful is right...what a great day!