Tuesday, May 17, 2011

sometimes busyness is really fun

wow!  it's been busy round these parts.

this last week has been completely nutso.  there's been lots of baseball, soccer, field trips, field days, birthday parties, baptism parties, movies, crawfish boils, and celebration/thank you lunches.  thankfully...my mother in law came to our rescue!!  she is here from iowa (and has been for the last week) so annslee has not missed as many naps as the above mentioned schedule would normally call for.

the sugar plum turned the big 6 on thursday.  she opted for a breakfast dinner to celebrate herself...and her love for waffles.  we did a joint luau for her and two of her friends from school.  it was friday night in the backyard and trust me when i say...that it was a procedure!!  trust me when i also say that the pictures (which i will post at some point) do not do the cuteness of these newly turned 6 year old hula princesses justice.

i got to run down a big hill with a bunch of fourth graders, climb a tree, look at dinosaur bones and real tiaras, go on a scavanger hunt in a texas exibit, take a picture of my arm pit with colton's teacher's camera, and throw an authentic hawaiian luau...(if you call silk flower leis authentic).  and that was all in one day.

it was a good week.

on a side note...i totally recommend the movie soul surfer to kick off your summer. i mean...it's not blue crush...but it's a good flick.

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