Wednesday, June 29, 2011

mischief making...of one kind or another

i'll tell you what happens after the 4th kid.  of course, this is nothing new to those of you other crazies out there who have four (or more) kids...but i have found that i have ended up having to master the art of letting ways that are sometimes painful.  it actually hurts my heart that i didn't get the meal taken to the friend who just had the baby; or the gift to the across the street neighbor (whom i hardly know because they moved in, just several months back) for the baby she just had a month ago; or that the friend from church who had her baby didn't get a hot meal and visit from me; and i didn't attend the shower for another couple who is anxiously awaiting the arrival of their first baby...(ALL of these precious bundles girls, by the way...except for 1.  he's going to have plenty of chicks to chose from in a couple of years.  :)  we also skipped out on the anniversary party for some other new friends.  we didn't get to go out to dinner with that couple to reconnect and we also didn't have that other couple over, as intended.  i had good intentions...truly i did.  i'm not going to rattle off all that i did get done, but do know that it is a list just as long and just as important.  tomorrow evening we leave for the rest of the summer.  i am very excited and feel that anticipation that you feel when you just know that lifelong memories, bonds, learning, and fun are due to occur as a family, summer adventure begins.  but, there are a few things that i NEED to squeeze in before we go.  i must see some important people...even if they are very smallish individuals that will never know that i was there.  they are just too lovely and snugly to not see. no time, flat...they will be like this one.  this one...she breaks the mold that i am accustomed to.  what happened to control?  what happened to order?  what happened to rules and appropriate behavior and response?  what happened to tidiness and cleanliness?  what happened to finishing?  what happened to peace and harmony and quiet days of play?

i'll tell you what happened...........

 she did.




this one?  she likes to climb.


 and she doesn't play with toys. all.  she prefers to constantly be getting into things.  exploring.  figuring.  messing.  disrupting.  breaking.  learning.  loving.

"i know i've seen her use this for her hair.  i think i can make this work.  it's like this." 

"or this."

"if i could just get some hair in this thing."

"maybe i can get it to work on him."

"oh wait.  i'll just leave my pappy here and enjoy a cold one."

"here it is.  i got it."

"if i could just get this top thing off..."

this girl, here...well, she's just always making mischief.  of one kind.  or another.


and i have to say.  i love her, and her climbing, and all of her mischief making more than bears love honey.  and everyone knows...that is an awful lot.


through it all, however...we have been able to squeeze in a little of this...

lego making...

and an impromptu movie night out and possibly, a tad bit, immature after toast at a little place called "twin peaks."  and i do wish that i could say that the "peaks" were in reference to the actual mountains...but alas...they weren't.

it's no different than hooters people.

but, none-the-less...


to this guy...

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kelsey said...

Mindy!! Those pictures are priceless. I'm glad I'm not the only one with a fearless toddler in love with destruction. :)

I can TOTALLY relate to the good-intentions-but-not-enough-hours-in-the-day part. It's just the season of life we're in. (Like how I say "we" like I've got 4 kids, too? I seriously don't know how you do it!)

Love your blog, btw.