Tuesday, June 21, 2011


because when i think about and write this blog, i usually ALWAYS picture it as a book being read and looked at by four, laughing, adult children in the distant future...i feel the need to apologize to them for a.) anything embarrassing (but i'm really not too concerned about that); and for b.) not being too great at keeping up with stuff on the blog lately.  but alas...sometimes it's just necessary to jam pack a post with pictures and short stories over the past weeks.  it is what it is folks.  and p.s.  i love you.

the girls did my hair.  i think it looks nice.

i went to go hear the spazmatics (an 80's cover band) play with these guys.  hey colt...do you remember your fourth grade teacher?  well...she's the brown headed one in the middle.  this night was fun.  really fun.  i may or may not have ended up on stage.  don't be embarrassed kids...none of your friends were there.  i promise. 

you kids went to spend the week with granna and grandaddy for, what we like to call...CAMP GRAN.  this was the night i took you over.  a.j. didn't get to stay.  there is an age requirement for camp gran and it is called "old enough to go to the bathroom by yourself and go to bible school every morning."  but she sure enjoyed this evening.  grandaddy and m & m's...a great combination. 

she did get to go swimming with y'all one day.  luckily granna got in the pool with you...because i was just not ready to tackle the bathing suit situation yet. 

mainly because i had been working my fingers to their long, skinny bones paper bagging and painting walls like this... 

and these...(what we now call "the lodge") 

and this one too...(what we now call the homework room)

and i did this one all by myself.  and you can tell.  it's not perfect...but i am pleasantly proud of it. 

we did take some time out from all that painting and working to do a little of this... 

and go to a wedding... 

to see these guys tie the knot in my new favorite way...on the water at sunset. 

it was a nice break from all the hard work. 

i have a new respect and love for using my own hands to do something artistic and unique. with all the technology and computers and the like, we are slowly losing our appreciation and abilities to use our hands for more than pushing buttons. the paper bagging and glazing the walls was hard work...but each person's hands do it differently.  i look around my house and see more movement and art than i do walls.  and i love that.  i even love all the blisters i have on my hands to prove that they did it.  those will fade...but the art won't.   and now that it's done, and you kids are home...well...i love that the most.

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