Thursday, September 01, 2011

Appendicitis, Bandannas, the Perfect Morning, and Establishing Dominance

Aiden woke up two days ago complaining that her right side hurt.  She was holding it and crying.  We let her stay home and watched her for Appendicitis.  I prepared myself to have to take her in and for her to be whisked in to surgery to have it removed...but it turned out to be nothing.  I don't think she was faking the whole thing...but at some point during Sesame miraculously disappeared.  The nurse told me to monitor her for the rest of the we enjoyed things like sleeping bags on the couch and checkers.

She and the puddin cup got some serious cartoon watching in.  And as long as one of them had to stay in their pj's all day...why not all of us?

The girl has been rockin' the bandanna lately.

On Monday, we got to go over to a dear friend's house to swim and have lunch.  It was just lovely.  Lovely mommas; lovely little girls; a lovely nanna; a lovely pool; and a lovely lunch.  It is at those times that I really wish I had possession of my camera...however know that it would end up at the bottom of the pool.  Plus...when I'm busy taking the perfect pictures...I have a tendency to miss out on the perfect conversation.  We chatted about things like foster care, systematic theology (I still don't really know what that thing is), good books, and clothes.  The conversation seamlessly meandered from one topic to another and 9:00 turned into 12:00 in a couple of blinks where we moved it on inside for lunch.  The nana graced us with her hospitality, as usual and then the puddin happily drifted into a satisfied slumber on the way home. 

It was a perfect morning.

The pup is growing up.  Fast.  Why do puppies have to grow so fast?  I mean you would think his bones would explode or something at the rate they are growing.

He's darn near outgrown his bed already.  And the poor darlin Trout isn't even getting to fully enjoy it on account of this one pushing him out of it.  If you can't find sister friend...just look in the dog's bed.

Yeah...I see him...over there on the hard, cold tile...while you are enjoying his warm, soft bed.  And his toys.  I am glad you showed a little grace by throwing him his blankie.

"This may come back to bite you, my love," I say.

And it did.

But not enough to stop her.  I guess we see who is dominant in this relationship.

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