Thursday, September 08, 2011

Happenings of the Fall-ish Sort

The cool breeze that brings Fall along with it does something to me.  Something subtle, yet un-deniable.  Like, all of a sudden, I want to pull on my old, button-up sweater to take the dog out in the early, gray morning; dress the girls in knee socks; and keep the house picked up and smelling like pumpkin or apple pie.  I was always obsessive about keeping the house clean...but not necessarily picked up.  There could be clean laundry in need of folding strewn across the living room floor, but by golly...the toilets are disinfected.  But now...the toilets may have a ring forming...but the blankets are neatly folded across the back of the couches as if my life depends on it.  Currently, the puddin cup is enjoying Sesame Street as she plans her steadily approaching date with "Melmo" just as soon as we get passed all this counting crap and Elmo's World makes an appearance.

There is just somethin' about a red puppet playin' a violin that calls to her.  He is apparently playin' her song.  And just look at that afghan.  Perfectly placed. 

Fall called me to Cracker Barrel the other day.  Luckily, it called my friend too.  We meandered around the store, relishing every creak of the wood floor beneath our feet and appreciating every new, Fall-ish item they had to offer us.

Like this sweet, owl hat.  I'm telling you what........a hat should make anyone happy, as far as I'm concerned.

Annslee's friend sat in her very own highchair...without one of those protector contraptions that cocoons the child from touching any part of anything that may have been previously touched by other little hands.  I ended up there without wipes, so guess who sat in a highchair that had not been properly wiped down?  That was a first for me and one of my children.  We celebrated that fear being conquered with chicken and dumplings, biscuits with grape jam, and an orange soda in a frosty mug.

She even had to touch it.

Thank you very much.

Then we rocked on the porch.  I have wanted one of these rocking chairs for so many years.  Someday...I will have one.  I'm sure of it.

The kids love their corn on the cob.  We found out this week that this one is no exception.

Well...sister has entertained herself well to the click, click, click of the keyboard this morning.  I think we will pull on our sweaters and take the pup on one of our YES walks...where we are sure to find all sorts of treasures.

Such as this one.

Now go and do something Fall-ish.

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