Saturday, July 28, 2012

passing the torch

we re-united with our friend, the backyard, thursday night.  it's been a while...because of our enemies, the mosquitoes and humid heat.

but...thursday night...we sucked it up.

flicka tried her hand at baseball...

while colton showed us he still had it.

there is something very satisfying about watching siblings teach and learn from each other.  they don't even realize the importance of what they are doing.  they just do it.  because that bond is there.  and they instinctively have each other's back.  there was no question in his mind that he was the one to teach her.  and she knew it, too.


last night finally arrived, and with it came the opening ceremonies for the 2012 summer olympics.

it's no secret that i'm completely obsessed with the olympics and have been since i watched the movie NADIA when i was 10 years old and then saw mary lou retton score 2 perfect 10's on vault at the 1984 summer olympics.  i decided then that i was going to go to the olympics someday.  i'm still waiting.

in 1984, i began flipping all over the house and never really stopped.  if you get me within 10 feet of a out...cuz the olympic dream comes alive from within and back flips happen.

my soccer, swimming, and gymnastic skills may have wained over the years...but my love for the olympics never did.

for any of you that know me at know that i keep the dream alive by considering possible options on a daily basis.

i've asked you hard can curling be?

until a small miracle happens...

we come together in front of a TV.

we wear red, white, and blue.

we watch.

we celebrate.

we cheer.

and just as a passed torch lights the olympic flame...a girl who has carried a dream with her through childhood and into adulthood...passes on the wonder to a new generation.

i don't know about you...but i'm pretty impressed that she will focus on the soccer game...

even while working on potty training.

here's to the olympics...

and to all who love them.

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