Wednesday, August 01, 2012

sportsmanship, strep, and summer blah-ness

the olympics have proven their worth, yet again.  my favorite moments for london 2012 thus far...

1.  michael phelps winning # 19

2.  USA women's gymnastics team smashing the competition for gold

3.  missy franklin's gold in the backstroke

4.  US women's soccer wins against france, colombia, and north korea

i personally really loved the sportsmanship that abby wambach showed after being punched in the eye by a colombian player.  she did not say a word to the player who did it.  she played the rest of the game with a swollen, black eye.  her only retaliation came in the form of a goal.  now...she is someone to strive to imitate.  it was sportsmanship at it's finest.

in the long run...the wrong was made right when FIFA gave the colombian player, lady andrade, a 2 match ban for her "suckerpunch" on abby wambach...ending her 2012 olympic participation.

the olympic rings...courtesy of aiden.


i finally got the kids in to the dentist.  i'm, like, 2 years behind.  so...i was fully expecting bad news.  but the dentist said, "keep doing whatever it is you are doing...cuz they look great."


waiting rooms with all 4 of them are always an ordeal.  something about the neatly set up chairs; the other patients waiting and eyeing our circus family with the question "are they all hers" rolling around in their heads; the quiet; and baskets full of magazines...cause their hands and feet to spontaneously start finding each other and fits of giggles to erupt without warning or provoking.

i say, "shhhhhhhhhh".  alot.

noticing that chase was willingly wearing 2 different shoes made me erupt in giggles.

the kid really just can't be bothered to find matching shoes.  i, for that about him.

this is when i noticed that annslee was running a substantial fever.  by the time we got home from ice was 103.7.

we are a daiquiri ice kinda family.  i remember when i was little parents would take my brother and i to baskin robbins and i would order daiquiri ice every time.  it never even crossed my mind to get anything else.  i loved it that much.

i overheard my dad tell my mom..."she's gonna be a drinker."


i wouldn't call myself a drinker.  but i do love a cold beer.  i do love a glass of red wine.  i never order daiquiris.  but a daiquiri ice ice cream cone from baskin robbins still can't be beat.

and obviously my kids got my taste buds.


annslee spiked a 104 fever in the middle of the night that night.  the doctor said it was a "strep like virus."

yesterday, she was not the happiest of 2 year olds.  i think it had less to do with the fever and sore throat and more to do with not being able to go anywhere.  party girls don't like to have to stay home, ya know. a last ditch effort to negate a tantrum...i pulled out the paint brushes and she painted whatever she wanted to with water.


school buses...


indoor summer fun is pretty much tapped out at this point.  i am ready for a change in the tide.  i'm not ready for school to start...but i'll be honest...the idea of lighting a pumpkin spiced candle; making pumpkin bread; a cool breeze in the air; and a harvest wreath on my door does put a twinkle in my eye.

i think george bailey agrees.

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